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princessNot too long ago I bashed a Disney classic (Peter Pan; even though I do like it), so I thought I would come to Disney’s defense in this post.  After all, we had an excellent time in Disney World this past October and we own/enjoy many of their movies.

We were recently watching The Princess and the Frog, and I noticed how this film contains some pretty dark themes in it.  Then, I thought about almost every Disney film having elements of evil depicted.  Let’s take a minute to reflect on a few of the films:

  • Finding Nemo – the mother and her litter (is that the correct term?) of fish are destroyed in the opening minutes of the film.
  • The Lion King – the father is stampeded by some gazelles, Scar makes us all cry, and the hyenas are just plain mean.
  • Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs – the scary witch still gives me nightmares and she poisons Snow White (whose voice drives me crazy, by the way).
  • Sleeping Beauty – has Maleficent who looks demonic prior to turning into a dragon, but drives further fear into the hearts of pre-schoolers by breathing fire.
  • Toy Story 1 – Sid
  • Toy Story 2 – Al of Al’s Toy Barn
  • Toy Story 3 – Lotso
  • Toy Story trilogy – all of them have some pretty terrifying/sad moments.  Sid’s toy experiments, a child who abandons her doll (Jessie) on the street, Lotso’s rebellion, toys descending into the pit of “hell”, and Andy making the entire audience cry by giving his toys away (be honest…you cried).
  • Up – everyone over the age of 25 was crying in the first 10 minutes
  • Tangled – “Mother knows best” Mother Gothel’s aging makes every child cower; not to mention her fall out of the tower is a little unsettling.
  • Frozen – the parents die and Elsa won’t build a snow man with Anna for Pete’s sake! (the huge snow creature is also frightening).

And, then we get to The Princess and the Frog, quite possibly the most demonic and frightening, because it does explicitly deal with demons, after all.  Dr. Facilier makes a deal with the Devil and uses voodoo throughout the film.  Demons dance around and then Dr. Facilier’s deal goes wrong and he is dragged to hell…literally.

But, all this talk may have sounded somewhat negative and I began this post stating it would be positive.  So here’s my assertion: This is all really good stuff.  I mean, sometimes I’d watch these films with my children and think, couldn’t they have left all the dying out?  Couldn’t they have left off that scary part?  Or, did they really have to make the moles on her nose that grotesque?  However, then I thought about the nature of evil and realized, it’s real.

The truth is, there is death.  The truth is, there is sadness.  The truth is, demonic forces are wagging war against us each and every day.  If that’s the case, then what’s my problem with these depictions?  My problem is the fact that my pre-fall nature is kicking in.  I want Eden.  I want the Eden that existed before that nasty serpent.  Or, I wan’t Jesus to be here…now.  I want to be in Heaven.  You see, these desires are normal.  The knee-jerk desire that hates evil, death, sadness, and demons is a good thing.  But, the cold harsh truth is the fact that we live in the “already” and the “not yet”.  Jesus Christ has already come, but he has not yet returned.

Therefore, Disney got it right!  We need children growing up with a sense of fear, sadness, and evil.  It is unloving to raise them without a sense of brokenness.  The more brokenness they feel, the better.  It’s just our job to let them know that there’s only one “magical spell” that can break this.  And it’s not a kiss from a prince or some incantation from a good wizard, it’s only fixed by the righteous blood of Jesus Christ.


Up – the joy of married life

Posted: April 10, 2012 by Emilio Garofalo Neto in Uncategorized
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Pixar is a great, great movie studio. Before we move on talking about Up, please comprehend that Pixar is the one responsible for the amazing creativity and craftsmanship of Up, Toy Story, Wall-E, Finding Nemo, The Incredible etc. These are not Disney movies!!!!! They are only there to back them financially. To whom honor, honor.

That said, let´s look at Up. In this delicious movie, an elderly man comes up with the fabulous/insane idea of using hundreds of balloons to fly his house in order see the places he always dreamed of going with his wife Ellie. The couple, at different times in their lives, saved money for their dream trip to Venezuela, but it never happened; life´s situations always seemed to get in the way. With Ellie dead, Carl is just going through the motions while waiting for death himself. Until one day he decides to make a tribute to his love and life partner by going bonkers with a flying house, a hilarious boy scout, a talking dog and an ultra-exotic bird unironically named Kevin. The film is, delicious as well as heart-breaking/warming. Let’s consider one aspect of the movie more fully, the issue of the joy of married life.

This week a giant friend of mine began a great series of posts about the joy and challenge of preserving masculine virginity till marriage. You can read the first part here. This is complicated in a world that preaches that happiness and virility consist in sleepeing with as many girls as possible instead of comitting to marriage. The movie with its tender depiction of Carl and Ellie’s love shows us the beauty of monogamy. The issue is about much more than simply sex. It is an issue of seeking something way deeper than mating, but seeking a life mate, a covenant companion. Carl understands that life is more and better because he belongs to Ellie. In her honor he will do what they always dreamed of doing. People at times think that marriage is like oil and water, two can be together, but never mingle. In fact, marriage is like two different colors uniting to become a new and fresh one, shades of the former colors can be seen, but it is something new and unique that is created in that specific blend of character, personality and experience.

The amazing musical theme of Up is called, what else, married life. Far from boring or repetitive, understood correctly it is one of the greatest forms of joy this side of heaven.Here are five of my favorite minutes in cinema ever.

Isn’t it lovely that it is precisely marriage that the Bible uses to illustrate the relationship of Christ and his church? He as the loving, self-sacrificing head that does all that it takes to purify and protect his bride. The church is his loving companion that accepts his loving leadership in humble submission and deep affection.

Married life is not for the faint of heart.  Doug Wilson explains that some people foolishly compare being married to listening to the same CD for your whole life. In fact, the true comparison is with playing an instrument; at first it is difficult and awkward, but it gets better, more interesting, more creative and more rewarding with time. Stop being such an idiot, it is time for you to enjoy life; this means getting married. Growing old. Loving your wife as Christ loves the church. Making plans, having your plans frustrated. It is altogether lovely. Enjoy it.