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Eli Roth is Pretty Sick

Posted: June 30, 2014 by jperritt in Horror
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green-inferno-poster-900My first exposure to Eli Roth came through one of my friends comments about Roth’s film, Cabin Fever.  This friend of mine could handle movie violence a bit better than I could, so he thought he would be just fine.  After watching the film, he summed up his thoughts in one word – Sick!  After pulling a bit more out of him, he stated the film was simply over-the-top gross and he could hardly handle it.

Without either of us knowing who Eli Roth was (the director of CF), we were introduced to a common component in his films – graphic violence.  Well, this film seemed to put Roth on the map, so he has continued to write/direct/star in many other films.  Not only do his films contain graphic violence, they typically contain graphic nudity, as well as, disturbing acts of torture.

Another series of films that seemed to bring his name back into the lime-light were the “torture-porn” films, Hostel Hostel 2.  These films (which I have not seen but heard/read much about) contain sick acts of torture occurring to unsuspecting tourists.  Basically, any horrible thing you could think of (and some you couldn’t think of) are depicted in these movies.

And now, the reason I am bringing him up today, is because of two forthcoming films he’s associated with – The Green Inferno The Sacrament.  Roth is directing TGI (he also co-wrote the screenplay), and only producing TS.  Although both films have differing plots, they are similar in their sickening depravity.  And they both prove how utterly disgusting Eli Roth’s heart and mind are.

sacramentNow, some of you may think that I’m being a little harsh on Eli, but I’m simply using his words.  In the trailer for TGI it states, “From the twisted mind of horror master Eli Roth”.  In other words, all this talk is only assisting him in his PR tactics for his films (you’re welcome, Eli).  Roth loves his twisted mind.  He loves that he’s known for being sick.  He loves it so much, he ensures it’s going to be used in the marketing of his films.  To say it another way, being twisted has become his identity.

While I do want to discuss the term “horror master” associated with Eli Roth, I’ll only say a couple of things because I want to focus on his twisted heart.  The term horror master needs to be associated with directors that put thought and care into their craft.  Anyone, I repeat, anyone can use graphic violence and disturbing torture scenes to get a reaction out of an audience.  Roth could more accurately be labeled “gross-out master”, but horror master is a bit of a stretch.  Back to twisted ol’ Eli.

Proverbs 17:20a states, “One with a twisted mind will not succeed,”.  Again, Roth has become known as the twisted, violent, sex-crazed, horror director.  He’s built his identity around this content.  Basically, if you hear his name associated with the screenplay, directing, or producing, you can expect to see twisted sex and violence.  But, as the above Scripture states, he will not succeed.

You see, one thing Christians can agree with Roth on is that mankind’s heart is twisted.  Roth’s heart is twisted, my heart is twisted, and your heart is twisted.  And, what Roth has done, is tapped into that twisted nature.  There’s something intriguing about sex and violence to all of us (for starters, God created sex).  Yes, by God’s grace, some of us aren’t as drawn to these distortions as others, but there is still a sinful tug – a moment of curiosity – some of us feel.  He has realized this and exploited it for gain, but God’s Word says otherwise.  God’s Word ensures emptiness, destruction, and failure to those indulging in twisted wickedness.

While many in this world seek to exploit that darkness, God exploits grace.  He grants it to people who are undeserving.  He lavishes love on those who hate.  He grants compassion to those deemed as lesser by the world.  And he’s all about redeeming the twisted hearts of mankind.  Roth’s exploitation will only result in further emptiness, God’s, however, grants life and freedom to a twisted bunch of sinners like you and me.