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The Longest Ride opens in theaters April 10th.  It’s another cheesy, heartbreaking, fornication-saturated movie adapted from the mind of Nicholas Sparks.  I watched the trailer and thought, “This is Fifty Shades of Grey meets bull-riding.”  While the film won’t have the onscreen bondage associated with FSG, it will fill the mind with sexual fantasies off-screen as one leaves the theater.

Here’s my problem with this movie: a 13-year-old can watch it.  Let’s be honest, pre-teens will be watching this film, because – last time I checked – they don’t card people going to see PG-13 movies.  Some of you may claim that I’m overreacting, but that’s simply because we’re growing up in a pornified* culture that’s becoming more accustomed to fornication at every turn.  I know I’m coming off a bit like the “Church Lady” from Saturday Night Live, but I’m simply being honest.

So, give the trailer a look below and tell me what you think.  Am I overreacting?  Should I adapt with the times?  Or, do you agree that maybe we shouldn’t take our cues from the MPAA rating system and accept the fact that The Longest Ride is indeed porn for teens….and middle-aged women dissatisfied with their marriage.

*To borrow a term from Pamela Paul’s book, Pornified.

Movie Musings: Introduction

Posted: April 6, 2015 by jperritt in Uncategorized

Blaine and I were discussing some ideas for the blog the other day and we came up with something called ‘Movie Musings’ (we apologize for those of you who don’t like alliteration).  Basically, these will be short posts reflecting on a movie-related thought.  It might be about a particular movie or simply a random thought unrelated to any movie.  These posts may often be shorter than our regular posts and may be an incomplete thought we’re simply fleshing out online.

We want the Movie Musings posts to serve as a way to interact with those of you in cyberspace.  If it’s a random thought with a question, reply back and let us know what you think.  Agree?  Disagree? Or, simply add to our thinking – don’t be bashful.

We hope these posts get you thinking and allow us to post a little more frequently.  As you’ve noticed, it’s been a little difficult for us to post lately.  Often times our posts take a little bit of time to write, edit, and conclude in a helpful way.  Movie Musings won’t be neat and tidy like our other posts.  This doesn’t mean that the writing will be sloppy (or, sloppier than it already is).  They’ll simply have a different feel to it…you’ll see.