Movie Musing: The Saddest Scene in I Am Legend

Posted: April 22, 2015 by jperritt in Action, Drama, Sci-Fi
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This might sound strange, but I Am Legend has proved to be one of my favorite films.  Maybe it’s only strange to me, because of the low expectations I took into that film for my initial viewing.  I’ve written other posts on this film here and here, so check those out if you want a little more depth.  Today I’m simply musing about the “saddest” scene in the film.


As is this case with any film, the saddest scene is up for debate.  After watching this film multiple times with large groups of people, however, I’ve found that often times the audience is more saddened by the death of Sam (whose full name is Samantha….who’s also a dog) in comparison to the other sad scenes.

I too am sad at this scene, but is it the saddest?  I mean, Robert Neville (Will Smith) loses his wife AND daughter in the film.  Not to mention his own life.  This film is filled with death, yet it’s the dog that gets the memorable death.  Why?  Maybe it’s because Robert has to kill Sam?  Still though, I’ll take a dead dog any day of the week over my wife and children (which actually isn’t saying a whole lot, but you get my point).

On the other hand, I understand the sadness.  Most of us can identify with the loss of a pet.  And, while I still don’t mind losing a pet in comparison to a human (!), death is always an unnatural reality for Christians.  While humans are image-bearers of God and our death is more significant, the death of anything still leaves a big impact on creatures that were designed for eternity.

What do you think?  Why is Sam’s death such a big deal?  Did you find her death the saddest?  Let us hear from you.

  1. Ruben Cardenas says:

    Sam was the last living thing like family and a companion to him. Once the camera slowly zooms away in *that* scene it’s all too real: now he is all alone. The mannequins in the video store can’t fill that void and emptiness and loneliness.

    That’s been my take on that part, and I Am Legend is also one of my favorites.

  2. Julie Durfield says:

    I did not expect to love this movie as much as I did either and I Iike it better with each viewing.

    Sam’s death is certainly at the top of the list of sad scenes. For me, several reasons. First is Will Smith’s acting. One of the best acted scenes ever. Second, it’s one thing to lose a pet…another thing to have to actually kill that pet with your own bare hands, when you were desperately hoping until the very last second that you wouldn’t have to. Third, as the other commenter said, she was his last living companion…and in addition, the last living representative of his life with his wife and child, since Sam was in their lives before their death, as a puppy. One of his daughters last acts was to hand him that puppy.

    Another tough one for me is the last scene when he is pleading with the “creature” to stop – and explain that he can help, he can save him. What a picture of the hard headed and blind sinner…being offered salvation but too full of worldly things to hear.

    Love this movie….lots of discussion points!

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