American Reunion: 8 Reasons Christians Shouldn’t See it (part 1)

Posted: February 10, 2015 by jperritt in Comedy
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[Note: This is being re-posted to foster thoughts about the pornographic film, Fifty Shades of Grey]

As mentioned before, Reel Thinking, wants to be cautious about its approval or disapproval of any film. We are aware of Christian liberty and understand what’s offensive to some, might not be offensive to others. However, there are times we will speak more bluntly, and American Reunion certainly gives reason to.

It’s interesting to note that the last time I spoke strongly against a film was A Very Harold & Kumar Mockery of Christ….or something like that, I can’t remember the exact title. And, American Reunion has some of the same writers involved. Adam Herz & Jon Hurwitz have been responsible for such classics like Harold and Kumar 1 & 2 and American Pie 1-7 (I’m not exaggerating; Reunion makes the 8th installment of the franchise). So one must not be Det. Columbo to figure out that Herz & Hurwitz have an agenda for sex in their films.

Now we want to be cautious of not sounding hypocritical or judgmental toward those involved in this film, or even those who really want to see this film. With a certain level of guilt and shame, I admit that I saw the first American Pie in the theaters and today I wish I wouldn’t.

All of that being said, Christians would be hard-pressed to give reasons why they should subject themselves to a film like AR. If you simply say you want to see it because it’s funny, I can think of some more wholesome ways to enjoy a good laugh. Plus, should we be laughing at the jokes AR are telling? I’ve thought of eight reasons why Christians, or anyone for that matter, shouldn’t go see this film. Since it’s the eighth installment of the franchise, I figured this would be fitting. I will post four today and the remaining four tomorrow, so be sure to read all my reasons before you say I’m an out-of-touch-culture-hating-Christian.

The Content

Let’s begin with the obvious. The film contains crude sexual content throughout, nudity, language, brief drug use and teen drinking. And I think it’s safe to say, none of these will be presented in a redeeming way. In actuality, all of this will be glorifying the sinful depravity of man. I would say, that there are times when this content could be okay to accurately tell a certain story, but not when it’s making light of it or glorifying it.


Remember, I haven’t seen the film, and won’t be seeing it, so I’m going off of the previews. The character of Stifler (Sean William Scott) encourages Jim (Jason Biggs) to have sex with a certain girl. When Jim tells Stifler he’s married, he makes another crude remark encouraging the pursuit of adultery. Last I checked, adultery is not only a sin listed in the Bible, but it also wrecks the lives of the spouses and children involved, therefore, it shouldn’t be a punchline Christians should laugh at.

Marriage is Mocked

Now maybe the film teaches a moral at the end about marriage and family, but you have to wade through a lot of garbage to get there. On the other hand, at least one scene from the previews implies that life is over once married. This may seem like a ‘Lighten-up-John’ comment, but let’s not be too quick to dismiss. Marriage is instituted by God, therefore, Satan and the world hates it. We live in a world with an insane divorce rate, so should we take lightly a film that mocks it? The world is buying this lie, let’s not propagate it by laughing along with them.

Fornication is Funny

This film sees sex outside of marriage as funny. Period. Sleep around, sleep with many different people, laugh about sleeping around, etc. Let’s get back to some basics. God made sex as good. He made it to bind two people together. Sleeping with many different partners tears people apart – spiritually, mentally, & emotionally speaking. I know plenty of people who slept around and they carry difficult baggage with them throughout life. Fornication is not funny, ask the people who have done it.

  1. Ben Sones says:

    Way to go, JP. Sometimes it’s okay to just say, “Christians shouldn’t watch this movie,” and this certainly seems like a good one to say that about. Good first four reasons, too.

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