Star Wars: The Force Unites

Posted: December 1, 2014 by jperritt in Action, Adventure
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Star-Wars-7-The-Force-Awakens-Sith-Lightsaber-PhotoUnless you don’t own a television, haven’t heard of the Internet, or have no soul, you didn’t realize that the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer was released on Friday.  (If you did miss the trailer, check that out here and read Blaine’s post about a theology of movie trailers here).  To say that the trailer was released with much fanfare would be putting it lightly.  Sites crashed because of all the traffic from excited fans over-viewing the trailer.  At this point, over 27 million people have watched the trailer and several million checked out fake trailers that were released prior to Friday.  So, it is extreme to say that you have no soul if you haven’t seen the trailer, but it is accurate to say that Star Wars unites people.

I understand that a discussion about unity could be a little strange during this time of year.  For starters, we have just come off of rivalry week in football.  Football has been dividing people across the United States and some of the rivalries are even named after real-life wars.  However, this week has also shown us that people long to be united.

After I watched the Star Wars trailer, I saw a recommended video (which I cannot locate) of people reacting to the trailer’s release.  It’s shocking to see people flocking around a make-believe story.  People were dressed up like villains and heroes to show their love and support of Star Wars lore.  One person in the video even remarked, This is heaven.

I know this is a nerdy confession, but I was a bit giddy about the SW trailer being released.  I watched it multiple times and then I shared my excitement with my children, as well as, many people online.  It was exciting to watch people share their enthusiasm.  It was fun to see people anticipate the year-long release until the film (Lord willing, I’ll be there opening night!).  It was truly heaven-like.

In a sense I agree with the comment from the video about the SW convention being a taste of heaven.  You see, God’s plan is to unite all things in heaven and earth through the blood of Christ (Eph. 1:10b).  As creatures made in his image, we long for this unity.  Conversely, division is an uncomfortable, abnormal thing.  If you notice, even among the rivalries, people attempt to have a “friendly rivalry”, but that’s something that’s wrong-headed to the Christian.  I’m not saying that we can’t attempt to celebrate rivalries or that rivalries are wrong, but I am saying there is nothing – in Christ – that separates.  We are all united by His blood.

And, as weird, nerdy, and cheesy as it may sound, I got a taste of that unity this week through the SW trailer.  It was a feeble, fleeting taste, but it was a taste of unity.  An excitement that was shared among tribes, and tongues, and nations.  An anticipation for young and old.  If you think this is far-fetched or just plain silly, be there opening night in one year’s time and you might just say, “This is heaven.”


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