Weekend Reading Roundup

Posted: November 8, 2014 by Blaine Grimes in Weekend Reading Roundup
  • Movie Titles with One Letter Removed [Readers may find some content offensive.]: We’ve all heard of Harry Potter, but few know about “Harry Otter,” where “a young boy finds out who, and what, he is.”
  • Honey I Shrunk the Kids . . . Literally and Figuratively: “The primary distractions come from the screens we carry around in our pockets and purse.  And, when we’re not carrying them, we’re passing them off to our children to distract them for a moment’s peace.  Bluntly put, we are masters at shrinking each other”
  • Fury and the Horrors of War: “A testimony to Ayer’s skill as a filmmaker and writer, Fury avoids the two most common pitfalls of war films, the first of which is a tendency to present a cardboard cutout depiction of American soldiers as flawless supermen, while the second—and opposite—is to thinly disguise an anti-American political diatribe as a feature film.”

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