Halloween: Tis the Season to be Scary

Posted: October 27, 2014 by jperritt in Horror, Seasonal
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sleepyFriday is October 31st and that means a lot of different things to a lot of different people.  For some it represents a Satanic holiday, for others it represents Reformation Day, for a few it’s a day for them to dress inappropriately and not feel as inappropriate (it’s always inappropriate…just so you know), and for most it’s an easy day to score some candy.  So, whether or not you’re knocking on doors, hiding in your house with the porch lights off, or treating it as any other day…I hope you have a nice Friday.

One truth we cannot escape is the reality of seasons.  Pretty much anywhere you are, there’s been a change in the air.  For most, it’s a bit cooler and Fall has been ushered in.  Without a doubt, this has brought a certain feel into your life.  Maybe you like the Fall, maybe you hate cooler weather, or maybe you’re indifferent, but I would venture to say you are participating in this seasonal feel whether you think about it or not.

It could be that you’re simply wearing different clothes that have been hanging dormant in your closet.  Maybe you have filled your pantry with meals you only cook during certain times of the year.  It could be that you look forward to that pumpkin spiced latte, beer, or shake that’s only available for a limited time.  Or, maybe there are certain movies you watch and they revolve around the seasons.

Christmas is, most likely, the obvious time for seasonal flicks.  (You can check out our top 10 Christmas films here.)  However, I’ve received a few emails from Redbox and Netflix that seem to imply others have certain films they watch around this time.  Friday the 13th and Halloween are obvious favorites for people who liked to be spooked – and relish in gore, for that matter.

I, for one, always like to watch (at least part) of Sleepy Hollow around Halloween each year.  For starters, I grew up watching the Mickey Mouse version of Sleepy Hollow and have since been intrigued by the story.  I don’t know how others couldn’t be fascinated of a story about a headless horseman – am I right?  The first time I saw Tim Burton’s rendition of Sleepy Hollow, I thought it was very well done.  I also thought Johnny Depp did an excellent job – and this was years before his Pirates of the Caribbean fame.  However, I must say that I don’t enjoy the latter half of the film as much now and am a bit disappointed in some of the content.  So, I’m not recommending you watch it.

For me, one of the main reasons I enjoy the film is the cinematography.  It just seems to capture the feel of the Halloween season I described earlier.  There’s an eerie darkness throughout that seems to resonate with the overall sense of the season.  However, why is it that we have this feel?  Why do we eat certain foods and watch certain flicks during certain times?  Well, I think it’s because of the Garden.

You see, one of God’s many graces he continues to bestow upon us is the change in seasons.  Variety is the spice of life, because God knew what he was doing.  The same temperature, the same food, the same day after day after day, would become a bit mundane.  However, God – in his infinite grace – still blesses us with different feels associated with seasons, even though we sinned against him.  He still allows us to anticipate cooler or warmer temps instead of punishing us by making the weather a cool 50 degrees or a warm 80 every day until he returns.

In his grace, we still have different seasons and I think this is one truth that still reverberates with creation.  These seasons point to our infinitely creative God and we try to capture this feeling by capturing the seasons.  We capture the seasons with our meals, films, and traditions.  There’s something “pre-fall” about these feels and we long to hold on to them in various ways.  So, whether it’s the cool air of Fall, the warm sand at a beach, or clutching a cup of hot chocolate by a fire, enjoy the change and give thanks to the Creator of that great gift.


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