Weekend Reading Roundup

Posted: October 18, 2014 by Blaine Grimes in Uncategorized

photo 3Warner Bros. announces 10 DC movies, including ‘Wonder Woman,’ ‘Green Lantern,’ and two ‘Justice League’ films: Catch up on WB’s big announcement, and let us know which film you’re most excited about by commenting.

A Statement on Movies for Youth Groups: “We also view the incarnation as instructional, because we have a Savior who entered a sinful world, not one who avoided it. Applying this to movies, we need to enter into stories of a broken world. Just as scripture does not shy away from depictions of sin, we too, need to watch movies that give accurate portrayals of life in a sinful world.”

Popcultured: Thinking Christianly About Style, Media, and Entertainment: Check out this helpful review of a book that will likely be of interest to Reel Thinking readers.

Why We Go to the Movies: Film and Community: “We were—if only for two short hours—a part of a vibrant and enthusiastic community. Every quote spoken, every glow stick raised served as a reminder that we were part of something bigger than ourselves, while simultaneously uniting us around a shared goal—the desire to (dare I say) fellowship with others in watching, a testimony to our common humanity.”


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