Were you a Bully?

Posted: June 5, 2014 by jperritt in Uncategorized

bully-posterSince I work in youth ministry, this film had been on my radar for quite some time.  However, I just got around to watching it a month or so ago.  For those of you who haven’t heard of this film, let me give you a little bit of info.  Bully is a documentary which follows several different children’s stories in various locations in the US.  The film gives the viewer a small glimpse of what life is like for these students who are bullied almost daily.  The film not only shows us the horrors they face on the school bus and the classroom, but also the sadness their family and friends endure alongside them.

Bully is one of those films everyone needs to watch.  It is a film that will depress you, move you to tears and convict you for those you have bullied in your life.  Even if you did not actively participate in bullying an individual in your junior high or high school years, did you reach out to those who were bullied?  If not, in some ways, you can say that you “inactively” bullied them.  Let me explain.

This film highlights the problem of bullying, which seems to be taking place more and more in our society.  Just for the record, I don’t think this world is any more, or less, evil than it always has been and I am aware that bullying has always been with us (it has existed in the human heart ever since the fall).  I do believe, as the documentary displayed, that school authorities have become more lax, as well as, some fault being placed on individual families.  But, back to my point…

Just because you never actively bullied an individual doesn’t mean you can’t bare some of the blame.  If you witness someone being bullied and don’t stop to show them love, aren’t you guilty in a different manner?  You may not be hurling insults or shoving someone into a locker, but are you showing them love?  You see, bullying can also be withholding love toward someone?

Every human was created with the desire to be in loving community, because we were created in the image of triune God.  Therefore, we all long to be accepted, to be in fellowship, to be loved by others.  Of course, the entrance of sin disrupted all of this and broke the sense of community we all had, however, Love still came into this world. Love came in the form of Jesus Christ and Jesus showed us what it meant to go against bullying.

Jesus showed love to the unlovable in our society.  The downcast, the insignificant, the embarrassing-to-be-associated with.  Jesus loved a people who are nearly impossible to love – you and me.  Until you realize that you were the insignificant loser Jesus reached out to, you won’t be motivated to love others.  Until you realize that you had nothing attractive in you to draw Jesus into fellowship with you, you won’t desire to fellowship with the unattractive.  Until you realize you were an enemy of Christ, you were one who nailed him to a cross, you won’t ever show love to those who are unloving to you.

Therefore, let us pray that today, as well as the days we have left, will be spent showing love to those God brings about in our life. Let us reach out to the unloved and insignificant.  Let us do it with the understanding of Christ’s love displayed toward us.


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