Django Unchained

Posted: December 5, 2013 by jperritt in Adventure, Drama, Western
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Django-Unchained-wallpapers-1920x1200-2I put off watching this movie for a while, because I honestly thought I might not be able to handle it.  However, I had been reading some literature recently that discussed slavery, and it increased my desire to go ahead and watch it.  While I knew the film wasn’t striving for historical accuracy, I was interested to see Quentin Tarantino’s take on it.

I must admit, Tarantino is by far one of the most brilliant storytellers of our time.  His movies are profoundly interesting, as well as, unique, which says a lot considering the movies that frequent the cinema.  That being said, his movies are typically filled with filth, thus the conflicted conscience.  Although I enjoyed aspects of Django, it wasn’t one of my favorite Tarantino films.  The latter half of the film lacked the creativity of the first half, plus the violence was a tad excessive.

In reference to the violence, I am not suggesting that Tarantino should have sanitized a dark part of our nation’s history.  I am saying, however, that the amount (and frequency) of blood that sprays out of a gunshot wound, could have been downplayed just a little and still remained faithful.  There was so much gun-violence, I almost felt sick by the end of the movie.  And, I must admit that part of my sickness came from my dark heart.

You see, I am disgusted by the way that white people treated African Americans while this country was coming into existence.  Words like disgusting, horrific, and wicked barely seem to do justice to the way white humans, created in God’s image, treated black humans, created in God’s image.  Anyone who attempts to lessen this truth, truly needs to check their heart and repent.

That being said, it seemed that the film swung too far in the other direction.  Confessing my heart before you, I took pleasure in seeing white slave masters “get what they deserved”.  I enjoyed seeing Tarantino rewrite history and punish some of the evils that took place.  However, gunshot after gunshot after gunshot aft….you get the point….I became disgusted.  I was disgusted at all the blood, I was disgusted at all the brokenness, and I was disgusted at mankind’s idea of justice.

Tarantino is correct in recognizing and exploiting the wrong that was done.  Where he is wrong is assuming that the multiple violent killings of a bunch of white people, by a former slave, brings about some vindication for what was done.  While there is no doubt that Django’s killing of these men brought about some sense of justice, there was still sadness, death, bloodshed, and mistreatment of slaves.  To put it another way, all of Django’s killing didn’t bring about any reconciliation between races.  Whites still hated blacks and vice versa.

Sadly, even a gifted writer like Tarantino can’t rewrite history, but there is One who came to give us hope for the future.  It is true that we must live with the sins of our past, but those who are in Christ do not bear the weight of them in the future.  And, while the buckets and buckets of blood from the film can do little more than add emotion to a movie, the blood of Christ brings reconciliation to every tongue and tribe and nation [Rev. 7:9].


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