The-Lone-Ranger-Movie-Poster-2013-WallpaperI wanted to like this movie; I really did.  I felt like I went in with the proper mindset.  You know, the one that isn’t expecting a whole lot.  The mindset that understands this movie isn’t going to be an Oscar-contender.  The one that says, “I’m going to suspend some of my normal critiques for the sake of the summer blockbuster.”  However, I just ended up not really caring for this film.

Now, this does not mean I didn’t like the movie at all.  I saw this with some students on our night out at the annual youth conference, RYM.  Several of the students were asking me what I thought as we exited the theater.  For many reasons, this is a hard question to answer.  First off, I don’t like shattering the enjoyment the other students experienced.  When I hear them say they enjoyed it, I don’t want to rob them of that joy by saying it stunk.  Secondly, an argument typically ensues whenever you state you didn’t like a movie and others did.  When I stated that the movie was okay, I was immediately accused of being hyper-critical.  People often make such a connection with a film that they take it as a personal assault if you didn’t like it.  Lastly, this is a hard question to answer, because there are typically some aspects of any film that I enjoy.  Therefore, I cannot simply say that The Lone Ranger was a terrible movie.  So, here are some things I liked, as well as, things I disliked.

The Music

I’ve written before about how vital the musical score is to the film and I felt that Hans Zimmer did a great job on this film – especially the song entitled ‘Home’.

The Drama

The movie actually started out building up some nice drama and depth to the story that really resonated with me.

The Icon

I forgot just how iconic the Lone Ranger was until they started playing the familiar tune.  Hearing the theme brought back some nostalgia to an iconic hero that was long before my time.

The Law

Although John Reid [Lone Ranger] was portrayed as somewhat close-minded, I appreciated his desire to uphold the law in the face of persecution.

The Cheese

I did not like how incredibly cheesy some of the scenes were.  This can work on some films, but you have to make that decision early on.  When the film started off somewhat dramatic, and even dark at times, you cannot expect the audience to switch back and laugh at a young boy shooting a grape into Tonto’s mouth during a high-speed train chase – CHEESY!

The Widow

I did not like how quickly the widow gets over her husband’s death as she kissed the Lone Ranger, even though they previously loved each other.

The Lone Ranger

I also didn’t like how quickly John Reid transformed into the Lone Ranger.  He went from hating guns and barely being able to fight, to jumping off rooftops on a horse and chasing down the bad guy.  Maybe it was just the fact that he heard the Lone Ranger theme being played?

The Johnny Depp

One can easily see that this entire film was being carried on the shoulders of Johnny Deep.  Gore Verbinski was hopping to recreate a Westernized version of The Pirates of the Caribbean, but it just didn’t work.  The humor wasn’t all that humorous and it makes you wonder if Depp’s charm is wearing off just a bit.

All of this to say, I can understand while people have enjoyed this film, but I can also understand why the majority of critics haven’t.  Even though I appreciated some aspects, one of those being John Reid’s desire to uphold the law, I felt that the overall message of the film opposed that viewpoint.  Reid even exclaims, “If this is the law, than I’d rather be an outlaw.”  And this is what happens.  He changes his name to the Lone Ranger and exacts justice how he sees fit.  As Christians, we love grace, but we must also love the law.  The law is a gracious thing.  The law reveals the character of God and it is the law that is established to restrain evil.  While the law cannot save us, there was One Man who came and upheld every aspect of it to attain salvation for His children – those who love the law and, by His Spirit, strive after obedience to it.


  1. I like your review! After I watched the movie I felt similar to you. I felt like character development happened way too fast and that there were definitely some very cheesy parts in it. I did like, as you mentioned, that John Reid was strong enough to continue following the law even under strong pressure. Keep writing reviews, they are thought provoking and I enjoy reading them!

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