Posted: April 18, 2013 by Emilio Garofalo Neto in Sci-Fi, Uncategorized
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For one of those weird reasons, Oblivion was released in Brazil two weeks before the USA. So, I have seen it already.I thought it was old news. Until I saw that only now it is being released up north. Well, let us discuss it then!

Here is the trailer. I warn you however that having seen the movie without a single trailer in my mind, and now coming back to the trailer, I found that many of the reveals are pretty good, except for those who have already seen them in the trailers. So there. Make your choice.

Tomorrow we will have a mores spoilerish discussion. Today let’s focus briefly on the issue of whom to trust and what happens when we are faced with world shatterig news. We will discuss some plot details, but nothing you can’t see in the trailer above.

In the movie Tom Cruise’s character is faces with the tough issue of having everything he ever knew being brought in check. His life, his mission his knowledge is challenged. How should he look for the truth? What is the answer?

First notice that there is a truth, there is an asnwer. It is not simply a matter of perspective. It is not simply a matter of cultural preference. One side is right and the other side is wrong. Either what he knows is true or what he jsut learned is true. That is rather refreshing.

Second, notice that there comes a time in which he has to question not only the facts, but the worldview that he uses to interpret and see reality. When new information comes to light, at times it does not fit our paradigms, does not fit the plausibility structure of our minds (fancy words huh?).  Our past, our memories, our experiences all shape what we consider to be normal and possible. That is the world as Cruise’s character sees it. We learn the world through his eyes. This is what is happening, or so we think. Then together with the character our worldview is put into questioning. How do you know that? Who told you this and this? What proof do you have? When we are presented with the Gospel, we are called to accept objective, external facts that do not depend on opinion. And yet, we are also called to reevaluate the whole way in which we aprehend the world. For the Gospel involves Earth-shattering and Earth-rebuilding news that require us to completely see the world with new eyes, in fact, new eyes that God’s Spirit gives us. After conversion the whole world seems different to us; things that were primary become secundary. Things there were worthless acquire value. What seemed to be the world to us, becomes a different place. That is good news.

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