Scary Movie 5 & Scary-Bad Art

Posted: April 12, 2013 by jperritt in Comedy
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Scary-Movie-5-Wallpaper-1280x720Today marks a historic day for cinema as the fifth installment of the Scary Movie franchise makes its way to theaters. It’s hard to believe that the first film came out around 13 years ago and its popularity doesn’t seem to be slowing down. As is the case with most movie franchises, the first installment was somewhat unique. A slapstick comedy parodying (it’s a word) popular horror movies. It poked fun at popular movies such as Scream, but what are we to think about this new installment?

Well, the parodies continue in this film as it pokes fun at the popular Paranormal Activity films. The tagline explains that a couple begins to experience demonic activity in their home as they bring their newborn home from the hospital.

Before we consider some other elements of this film, let’s look a bit more closely at what this movie is. Even though the first film was unique (I’m not recommending that you watch it), it was still a parody. And, a parody is pretty cheap, artistically speaking. Think about it, the originality of a particular film adds to the artistic value. While it did take some creativity to parody the Scream films, Scary Movie is still ripping off another story; i.e., it’s not original.

Therefore, Scary Movie is unoriginal by design, but now we have the fifth installment to an unoriginal film. Yes Scary Movie 5 parodies another popular horror film series, Paranormal Activity, but SM5 still rides on the coattails of Paranormal Activity and Scary Movie. All of this to say, SM5 is extremely poor art. I know that’s stating the obvious, but I think many may go see this film without truly having that thought before them.

Not only is SM5 a disgrace to art (can we even call it art?), it also uses some shock factor to sell tickets. When I say shock factor, I’m not talking about the crude content that will, most assuredly, be present, I’m talking about the film using actors like Charlie Sheen and Lindsey Lohan. These two are in and out of the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Controversy and gossip have been attached to these two for quite some time, and SM5 is exploiting that fact to make money. Sheen and Lohan might be making fun of Paranormal Activity, but SM5 is making fun of them. In the trailer, Sheen is getting beat up by a demon and says, “I’ve come back from worse than this.”, which is an obvious statement referencing his career. Therefore, SM5 is a parody of a parody, which parodies someones life.

Again, I haven’t even gotten into the filthy content that has made itself a staple of the SM films, but we can see it is fairly filthy – content excluded. It’s filthy because it’s a disgrace to art. And, I know many viewers don’t care whether or not SM5 isn’t artistic. I also know many of the filmmakers don’t care if the film is artistic or not, but it should matter to Christians.

While any movie that is made takes a certain amount of creativity, we must desire that artists truly strive to hone their craft and offer the culture their best. However, those behind the SM films know that they are giving the consumer something cheap and they’re doing it fairly explicitly. While I’m sure we should be concerned about the exploitative nature of the content in the film, we shouldn’t minimize the exploitative nature of cheap art we are being offered. Even though I haven’t seen the film, I can safely say this movie would be a waste of your life. It’s an hour and a half you will never be able to get back and that’s a scary thought.


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