The Call

Posted: March 15, 2013 by jperritt in Drama, Thriller
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The-Call-posterFor those of you who are regulars to this site, you know that we don’t always watch every film we discuss. We typically read a lot about them, watch the previews (which give away most of the film), and use some common sense because many films are just the same film remade. Instead of telling you what to think (like most movie review sites do) we try to steward your thinking, by highlight truths being communicated in the film. That being said, I haven’t seen The Call, but picked up on a couple of things while watching the previews.

The Call follows the story of 911 operator, Jordan Turner [Halle Berry], fighting to save the life of a kidnapped girl, Casey Welson [Abigail Breslin]. Years ago Turner received a call from a young woman stating an intruder was in her home. While the woman was hiding from the intruder the call was disconnected, and Turner called back only to reveal the hiding place of the young woman. Sadly, this mistake ended her life. This most recent kidnapping, however, has Jordan convinced that she is dealing with the same killer. Not only does she want to save Welson’s life, but stop a serial killer.

Two thoughts occurred to me while watching this trailer. First, I thought of Jordan Turner as a nobel hero. She is a 911 operator who typically works behind the scenes, but goes above-and-beyond her job description to save a life. From what I can tell, she places herself in harm’s way and seems to exude bravery and selfless love for another. This should be applauded.

Secondly, however, there was another thought I had about this movie. Let me say upfront that I don’t know if I could handle this film. Now that I have three children, films like these disturb me and the preview definitely did that. Knowing that the previous girl is killed because of Turner’s attempt to help, is a very disturbing thought. But, it is this mistake that plays into Turner’s drive to stop this man. In a sense, saving Casey Welson will help Turner (and the viewers) move on from the loss associated with the previous murder. However, should stopping this serial killer from killing Welson truly help Turner cope?

There’s no doubt it would help. It would get a killer off the streets, save the life of Casey Welson, but it would not bring the other girl back to life. Her life would still be lost and those who knew her would still be grieving, even with the sense of closure they now have.

You see, our culture has this notion of reparation deep in our core. We know if a wrong has occurred, something has to happen to make it right. We see this all the time with sports teams. If a death, tragedy or illness occurs to an individual on the team, the rest of the team promises a win to repair the sense of loss. Winning a game may boost the spirits of a team, but it typically want do too much long-term.

Although it is just a movie, The Call seems to communicate this idea to a greater degree. We have Jordan Turner striving to save Welson and stop the killer, to repair her previous mistake. It is up to her, to right the wrong that occurred. While she can do some right, she cannot repair the death that occurred. There has only been One person who was ever able to do that and his name was, and is, Jesus Christ.

Adam and Eve did all the wrong, all the sin, which spread to us. Each of us wrong God and each other every day of our lives. There is serious repair that needs to occur. The term most associate with this repair is ‘atonement’.  All the wrong – death, rape, murder, child molestation, kidnapping, hatred, lying, jealousy, and more – was atoned for all God’s children by Jesus Christ. Deep down we know wrong must be made right and Jesus righted all the wrong by his perfect life. Therefore, you don’t have to try to make things right, but rest in the arms of the One who atoned for it.


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