Hardly saving and never dying

Posted: February 15, 2013 by Emilio Garofalo Neto in Action
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die hard

Yesterday we talked a bit about how Jesus is the opposite of McClane, in that he is at the right place and right time and it is through his own death that he saves the day, nay, the world.

I have not seen the movie but I am pretty sure that McClane saves the day.

Now, how many more times will John McClane have to save the day? Well, if they had the budget and the time, they could presumably make a new movie every year (or semester) for decades and we would never run out of perils and situations. You could imagine a Die Hard in each big city of the world and in all sorts of situation; McClane could fight North Koreans, White Supremacists, Sudanese cannibals, Somali pirates, Taliban fighters, people from the underworld, Daleks… his need is to constantly save the day because the day keeps getting in trouble. There has to be a way to end all troubles once and for all.

In the Old Testament the sacrifices made by the Levite priests were only palliatives and could never take away sin. They had to be done over and over again because the day brought new troubles and new sins.

The reason is that they were only a shadow, or a preview of what was to come. Jesus in his own sacrificial death begins the reconstruction of this world; the divine project is not merely to save a bunch of people, but to actively make a new heaven and a ne Earth in which righteousness dwell. When this happens, we will have been saved completely. while such day doe snot arrive, we rest on his grace and work in service to his kingdom (even if it means our death). Not to save the day, but because it has already been saved.



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