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Posted: January 31, 2013 by jperritt in Comedy, Horror
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warm_bodiesWarm Bodies is your classic love story of a young girl falling in love with a young zombie boy during a zombie epidemic. Okay, so there are some slight modifications to your classic love story; however, the basic premise is the same.

During a zombie attack, a zombie named R (he can’t remember his name but believes that it started with the letter ‘R’) rescues Julie from becoming someone’s dinner. R is a bit of a special zombie and begins to fall in love with Julie. This love begins to turn his lifeless, cold body into a warm body (now you get it).

Although I have not seen the film, it seems to explore themes of connectedness and love. Today I’ll raise a few thoughts about human connection and tomorrow we will take a closer look at love.

Not too long ago the first 4 minutes of this film was posted on Apple trailers, so I decided to take a look. I knew I was going to be blogging on this film and I also knew I needed all the help I could get in order to accurately discuss a film falling in the “zombie love story” genre. I was very surprised by what I saw. I had a hunch that the filmmakers were going for a dark comedy of sorts, but there was a scene that really struck a chord.

R is walking through an airport terminal and providing narration for his day-to-day life. He isn’t happy with the zombie apocalypse and wishes things were different. This leads him to imagine life prior to the epidemic and he imagines humans being more connected. He assumes we were so much better at expressing ourselves. However, the scene illustrates the exact opposite. The scene shows every human walking through the airport terminal on some sort of cellular device. Not connecting. Not communicating. Not expressing themselves at all.

According to this film, you, in all likelihood, are a zombie. You are a nothing more than a warm body.

Adults can often complain about the amount of time teenagers spend on their cell phone or MP3 players. But, in my experience, adults are just as bad, and in some cases, worse than teenagers. In a very real sense we have a zombie epidemic taking place in our culture.

Just today I saw a mother and daughter having breakfast together at a restaurant before school. During the entire meal the daughter was texting on her phone and her mother was staring at the wall. Two warm bodies sharing space but not connecting. We could each share many more stories like this.

Warm Bodies seems to address a very important aspect of the Christian life, community. Human beings long to be connected to one another. In a sense, waking up in the morning and checking twitter, instagram, facebook, etc. is communicating a longing to be connected to others. While it is a form of connection and community, we are increasingly becoming a culture who is feeding on a steady diet of lesser community.
In Genesis 1:26-27 God says, “Let us make man in our image” [emphasis mine]. God is telling us he is a ‘we’. He is one God who exists in a plural form. This is the trinity – Father, Son, Holy Spirit. And the trinity is in perfect community with one another. Although distinct, they are intimately connected to each other. Therefore, humans being created in God’s image long for this connection. When we are deprived of that, or settle for lesser connection, we become nothing more than warm bodies.

Is this true of you? Parents, has your household become filled with nothing more than warm bodies? Husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, are you talking with each other or just texting? How much time are you getting away from screens and looking in the eyes of another (not on skype)?

If we aren’t careful, this zombie epidemic may be a little close than we think.

  1. Chantal M. says:

    Right when I have seen trailer of Warm Bodies, I knew it was different. Connecting Pride and Prejudice or Abraham Lincoln with zombies is silly. There has been enough of zombie drama too. But this is a comedy. I was looking forward to seeing it and I wasn’t disappointed. It was a lovely story that made me laugh and cheer for… a zombie.

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