The Last Sin Eater: by Pilar Stevens

Posted: January 25, 2013 by Josh Kwasny in Drama, Guest Post
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Last_Sin_EaterI heard a line in a recent blockbuster that reminded me of a great book turned movie. “The Last Sin Eater” by Francine Rivers is a compelling story that deals with sin, guilt, forgiveness and the atonement of Christ. If you have not read the book or watched the movie I encourage you to do so. But beware I’m about to spoil it for you.

What is a sin eater? He is an escape goat, a man chosen to “take upon himself” the sins of those that die in the village. He has pawned his own soul for the benefit of those he serves. He is picked from the young men in the village by the luck of the draw and must perform his duties which segregate him from the community. To look at him or to touch him is to be possessed by the same evil that he has consumed.

“I need the sin eater to take my sins away now. I can’t live with what I have done.” said Cadi Forbes, a ten-year old girl living in a settlement community of Welsh Americans in the mid-1850s. Cadi’s sister died in an accident the year before and Cadi blames herself. Her mother is so broken hearted over the death of her daughter that she has pretty much given up on life and of course Cadi blames herself for that too.

Trying to free herself from her guilt and shame, Cadi sets out to find the sin eater. Unfortunately, after the sin transfer ceremony, Cadi still feels the same. “Nothing has changed”, she tells the sin eater to which he replies, “there is nothing else I can do for you, child.” But God, in his infinite mercy sends Cadi a preacher, a preacher that teaches her of the one and only true sin eater, the Lamb of God who takes sin of the world. Cadi is more than ready to receive the Gospel message and jumps at the chance to be forgiven. (I cry every time I watch this part.)

Cadi, her friend Fagan and Miz Elda confront the villagers with their own need of forgiveness and with the truth of the Gospel. The sin eater named Sim receives the message of the last sin eater and is set free from his “responsibilities”. At the end of the movie, you see Sim baptizing some of the village people. How fitting is that!

This movie perfectly represents the never changing, always working power of the gospel. It is a great reminder that Christ came for us while we were still his enemies and that only the gospel can change not only a person but an entire village into a God-fearing and God-loving community. I pray that our world be filled with more people like those in the movie, hungry for true forgiveness and peace with God.

So in which blockbuster did I hear about the sin eater? Any guesses?

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