Not your Mama

Posted: January 17, 2013 by Emilio Garofalo Neto in Uncategorized

Is it horror season again? Not many promising movies this week. I chose to talk about Mama. Directed by Andrés Muschietti, and with the blessigns and name of Guillermo Del Toro attached as producer. The main actress is Jessica Chastain, of Zero Dark Thirty fame.

The movie tells the story of two girsl that somehow survived by themselves in the woods for about five years. Maybe they were raised by wolves and ought to be singing this:

But are the girls singing while scratching their backs on trees? No. “Reality” is more brutal. Here is the freaky spooky trailer:

Were they raised by animals? Left to deal with life by themselves? The answer seem to be rather chilling and much worse than wolves… something they call Mama took care of them…

It is curious how horror stories often are twisted perversions of how the world realy works. Examples: All is well in our town, except that there is a burned dude that shows up in our dreams. All the rest is normal, but one specific aspect is twisted beyond real life to give way to our fears, in this case, nightmares.

Or perhaps piranhas in swimming pools; or killers in Summer camps, or canibal hillbillies…

Why is that? Why do we like to mess with our fears and twist the world? John Perrit wrote a great post about fear and its reason, go read it.

Another reason I believe people make and enjoy horror movies is the broken window principle. The idea is that if a building is left with a broken window for so long, very soon all windows will be broken. People think that since it is broken, therefore, why not go ahead and mess with that a little more?

We live in a broken world; we all know that in some level, even unbelievrs are very aware of such fact. We like to make things worse than they are in our minds and in our sub-creation; we exagerate evil and distort it in our movies and books and accounts of the incidents. And we like to watch movies that give us a safety of trying on a world that is a little more twisted than our own, so we can see how it would be.

Tomorrow we will continue this discussion. Sweet dreams.




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