Texas Chainsaw 3D: Truly Gross

Posted: January 4, 2013 by jperritt in Horror
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texas-chainsaw-3d-posterYesterday we looked at the “true story” of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  Even though the story is merely a fabrication of some actual events, we concluded that adding the element of truth to the story makes it more frightening.  Everyone is  more at ease to know a movie is only make-believe.  The thought, It didn’t really happen, helps us sleep without a nightlight.

However, let me take this a bit further by asking another question.  What’s grosser, a real-life story about a chainsaw-wielding psycho or a created story about a chainsaw wielding psycho?  Okay, I know I would sleep better at night know The Texas Chainsaw movies never happened.  But, it is somewhat disturbing to know that there is a mind out there that created that made-up story.  A story that entails a family of cannibals, one of which wields a power-tool to severe people’s limbs, is disturbing whether it’s real or not.  The story might not be based on truth, but the story has now become true.  True in the sense that the story now exists.  You may think, Well, it only exists on the screen.  But you would be wrong.  It now exists in our minds.

Over the Christmas holidays I was enjoying hanging out with the family watching some football and, the new preview for Texas Chainsaw 3D came on television.  We all starred at the television and, with grimacing faces, wondered, Why would anyone go watch that?  However, my thought was, Why would anyone create that?  I can partially answer that – money.  The movies have been hugely successful; this is the 8th installment of the franchise!  However, there is another reason humans created twisted stories, their twisted heart.

One of the many things King Jesus did while on this earth, was getting our focus on a heart-level.  The Pharisees loved boasting in their righteous, but Jesus made them think about heart-level hatred as murder [Matt. 5:21-26] and heart-level lust as adultery [Matt. 6:27-30].  Jesus was showing us how righteous he was, and how helpless we are apart from faith in his righteous deeds.

Jesus taught us that we are defiled from the inside out:  “For from within, out of the heart of man, come evil thoughts, sexual immorality, theft, murder, adultery, coveting, wickedness, deceit, sensuality, envy, slander, pride, foolishness.  All these evil things come from within, and they defile a person.” [Mark 7:21-23]  We read that list and it is no surprise that films like TTCM are made.  It’s a sick movie, but so is our heart.

So back to our thinking about the story being more frightening because it’s true.  There’s no doubt an actual event adds a certain level of horror, but we must see that it is still somewhat horrific that someone created such a sick story.  There’s no doubt that an actual occurrence of these events is more disturbing, however, I believe many of you would think the above poster is disturbing (if you don’t, it should be).  But, the above poster is fake.  Even knowing it’s fake, still troubles me.  It’s a picture of someone’s heart.  It’s a picture of your heart.  We are capable of some pretty disturbing stuff.

While the story for Texas Chainsaw 3D might not be true, it’s a truly gross story and it teaches us about the depravity of our own hearts.  A movie like this should give us a small taste of the levels of wickedness we are capable of and hopefully make us turn and thank Jesus for redeeming those dark hearts.


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