The Devil Wears Prada

Posted: November 13, 2012 by jperritt in Comedy, Drama, Rom-com [romantic comedy]
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I saw The Devil Wears Prada years ago at the beach with my wife and actually enjoyed it. Just recently, it came on television and we watched it again and I was surprised at the theology behind it. I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised, look at the title, they tell you it’s a story about the Devil…and it is.

The devil is in the form of a woman, Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep), who is a highly successful – by worldly standards – fashion model icon. She hires a “fat, smart girl” (her words) named Andy Sachs (Anne Hathaway), to serve as a secretary in her company. Andy knows nothing of fashion, or who Priestly is for that matter, but applies for an opening and gets it. She learns the ropes and becomes a blossoming disciple of “the devil”, however, she makes sacrifices to do so.

As I mentioned, Miranda is referred to as the devil in this film, because she acts like Satan in high heels. People even use satanic lingo when referring to her – “You’ve sold your soul (to her)”, “You’ve gone over to the dark side” – speaking of those in Miranda’s service. Everyone is fearful of her and is serving her at all costs. It is said that Andy emails at 2 a.m, everyone is constantly on call, they give late hours, sacrificing time with friends and family, just to make the devil happy.

And this is exactly what we do. By nature, we are inclined to sin, which means we are repulsed by righteousness. Our flesh, the world, and the Devil are working against us, and we give in to those, because we are fallen. By God’s grace, he’s given us the Holy Spirit to fight the three stooges. However, we fail daily and go back to our sinful idol- worship, which is another way of saying we are serving the devil.

We are always worshipping. There is never a moment in time when we cease to worship. We are either worshipping God or a false god. We are either exercising faith, or placing our “faith” in an idol. Idols promise us what only God can give us, however, sometimes they seem like they will fulfill us. Just as we saw in the character of Andy.

Andy began to play the part to appease the devil. She began to know about clothing, dress differently, act differently, and serve Miranda at the cost of her friends. She was at her every beck and call, even though she could never please her. “If I do something right she doesn’t even acknowledge it, if I do something wrong she’s vicious.” she exclaims.

When Miranda asks for the impossible (the manuscript to the unreleased Harry Potter book) she quits. As she tells her boyfriend she quit serving the devil, he says “You’re free!”

As she’s talking with Nigel (Stanley Tucci) she says that her personal life is hanging by a thread, to which Nigel replies, “Let me know when your whole life goes up in smoke. That means it’s time for a promotion.” We kill ourselves serving the devil, false gods, functional saviors. Just as Miranda doesn’t keep her promise to take Emily (Emily Blunt) to Paris, the devil makes promises he can’t keep. He promises us joy and happiness, but those are fleeting.

Finally Andy sees the level of her depravity when Miranda says, “I see a great deal of myself in you.” Andy is disgusted by this statement, but then realizes she has become the devil. She has betrayed those she loved and sacrificed people to get ahead. She then repents, as we see her turn her back (literally) on the devil.

We all serve functional saviors, false gods, idols and it is Satan that is selling them. Whether they are our body image, money, joy, sex, fame, our children or spouse, family, anything can be an idol. Often times idols are good things. As Mark Driscoll says, “An idol is a good thing that becomes a god-thing, which is a bad thing.” Whenever we serve these false gods, we are ultimately serving the devil and that only promises us pain.

Thankfully we do have a Savior who walked this earth and lived a life of complete devotion to the Lord. Where we are prone to idol-worship, Jesus only worshiped his Father. Where we buy into the lies of the devil, Jesus met the devil face-to-face and defeated him. And by faith, we receive his righteous acts. Be cautious of the lies the devil feeds you and know there is only One who deserves our undivided service. The devil may wear Prada, but Christ’s heel is going to crush his head.


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