Skyfall – About heroes and sacrifice

Posted: November 9, 2012 by Emilio Garofalo Neto in Uncategorized

Here is the title song, with Adele:

What makes Bond tick? What bothers him and make things go so interestingly this time around? Before you proceed, let me tell you again that I believe this to be the best Bond movie; mainly for the following reasons:

– The story is great

– Daniel Craig really shines here in a mix of menace and coolness

– The rest of the cast is amazing: Dench, Bardem, Fiennes…everyone clicks.

– The cinematography is without a doubt the most gorgeous in any Bond movie; the magician of the light Roger Deakins creates some stunning images that will likely stay with you.

– Excellent action and classic Bond imagery

From now on, some spoilers!

What makes this story so interested is to see how much Bond is invested in the danger and trouble that takes place; as the plot thickens, the menace moves closer to home, threatening M, his city, his country. What does it take to really save someone?

Bond in the beginning learns that his life is expendable; if a risky  shot needs to be taken that might kill him but save the day, it will be taken; M will do it remorselessly. This hurts (not only the shot, but this truth). Bond goes on a depression-scorpion-Heineken-drinking rampage for a while, for he eventually realizes that he is but a pawn, although an important one.

Bond eventually comes back; but why? For he realizes that there are things at stake that are more important than his own life: his country, his people, his MI6 folks. Bond returns in a dark hour in the country’s history, where suspicion, betrayal and many dark deeds of the past insist on bubbling up to the surface, hurting people in the process and inspiring vengeance and evil.

The theme of a man sacrificing himself and doing whatever it takes to save his people is, of course, a theme that is embedded in the human mind. This theme finds its way to our stories, from ancient times to modern Bond. This comes with the all real realization that there is evil, even incomprehensible evil in this world and we are sometimes hopeless in the face of it, a hero need to step up and save us. In Skyfall as well as in real life; this evil is, somehow brought to life as the result of our own deeds and choices; whether M or Adam, we have a guilty part in the decay of the world.

Bond, M, Q, all of them need to realize that in order for the day to be saved, they may very well have to lose all that they consider dear and valuable, even life itself. The hero sacrifices himself, he knows the world is more important than a single man.

Yet, when it comes to the cross, we also have a hero who sacrifices himself for his people. What is truly remarkable is that, in the case of Jesus, the hero is more important than the world for which he is dying. The more was not guilty at all, played no part, had no fault in the problems that come upon the world. And saving this world, in Bond’s case, may come to the ultimate price, but maybe not. Yet, in the case of Jesus, only by dying he can save us; no way around it. True hero indeed.



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