Skyfall – I would like to be Bond, James Bond

Posted: November 8, 2012 by Emilio Garofalo Neto in Action, Uncategorized
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I have seen the movie; for some wild reason it came out in Brazil two weeks before the US release; maybe they feared it would interfere with the election process, and it probably would; that is how awesome this movie is. Let me get it out of the way: in my humble and correct opinion, the best Bond movie.

Tomorrow we will deal with some spoilers and themes of Skyfall. Today we will have some other considerations, spoiler free, I promise. But first, the trailer:

Whenever a Bond movie is in the works there is excitement among its fan base; when release date is nearby, not only Bond fanboys, but most people will be interested, checking rotten tomatoes, reading reviews while avoiding spoilers, producing lists of top actors, top stunts and top other stuff.

Why is it that we and so many generations like Bond?

I believe that one of the reasons is because he is the zenith of what the Fallen man thinks a man should be:

– He is stylish; no one looks as good in a tuxedo or a speedo or an Aston Martin;

– He is smooth: knows all the drinks, the restaurants; knows how to tip, how to order and how to play any card game while flirting and being smooooooooth.

– He is tough: he can drink and still fight, he can shoot better, punch better, climb better and run longer than you;

– He has a license to kill;

– He can deal with danger! Unlike me, who can barely survive a night in the city park, Bond can deal with evil henchmen, bad jokes, crazy plot twists and all sorts of lunacy and still keep his tie straight;

– Let’s be honest: he gets the girl(s). In the popular imagination, a true man is someone who has pretty ladies throwing themselves at his feet and who can pick up any women with nothing but a wink and a silly line.

He is nothing but the man most men, deep down, would like to be.

Why is this? Why is it that we would like to be him? Because of our rebellion! We were born with the idea that it is more fun to have many women than to devote ourselves to only one; we think being cool is the same as being good; we truly think we are measured by our actions and abilities and in the eyes of the world; that we need skills that will show everyone how manly we are: drinking skills, gambling skills, shooting skills; plot advancing (this is sounding more and more like Napoleon Dynamite).

What is a real man according to the Bible? Is it Bond? Is it my uncle? Is it my older brother? Is it the dude from the Old Spice ads?

A real man, according to the Bible, is one who is faithful to his bride, not only in actions but even in thought; a real man is one who would not lie to save his life; one who would never give fits of rage but who is meek and yet powerful; a real man is someone who is not selfish; a real man is someone who prefers to serve than be served; a real man speaks the truth in love; a real man is one who would, ultimately, die for his friends.

Sorry to be the one breaking the news to you, but there is only one real man out there, it is not you. I’m glad he died for the price of my rebellion, and even better, he is slowly but surely molding me into his likeness. Thank God for Jesus Christ.


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