Movies and connectedness

Posted: October 23, 2012 by Emilio Garofalo Neto in Uncategorized
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Do you know what a hyperlink movie is? The term refers to a movie in which several storylines, which are apparently disconnected, yet somehow have unexpected, unforeseen connections. In the end of this week we will look at a new film like this: Cloud Atlas.

While we do not get there, let me ask you: Why is it that such movies, while never very frequent, now and then come and bring us to a place of commotion? Let me remind you of a few of the most recent ones:

A few years ago Crash won the Oscar for best picture, and Paul Haggis’ movie sought to show how it is that racism is everywhere, and in familiar and unfamiliar forms.

The amazing and disturbing Babel showed that we can be in Morocco, Mexico, USA or Japan, but we are connected, sometimes in very direct ways.

Before that, Soderbergh had showed us that the reality of drug trafficking is vast and complex, touching many facets of life we do not know about. You should see Traffic. More recently he did it again, this time dealing with pandemics in Contagion.

Of course, even romantic comedies can get the hyperlink treatment such as in Valentine’s Day

In Cloud Atlas we will look at hyperlinks that go not only sideways in geography, but forward and backwards in time. Amazing Stuff.  Be sure and check those posts out on Thursday and Friday.


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