The (good?) master

Posted: September 21, 2012 by Emilio Garofalo Neto in Uncategorized

Yesterday we talked a bit about why it is that we like to follow people; even if that means we follow crazy people with bad agendas.

Today let’s look more closely at the issue of how it is that people lead. In the movie The Master, Philip Seymour Hoffman, is a clever and crafty man that can make people follow him. There is something magnetic and charming even in his lunacy. In our world, it seems that anyone who is even mildly charming can find people to follow them.

In the mind of many, all religious leaders are somewhat alike; they all supposedly prey on feeble minds and gullible hearts, with promises of eternal (or right now) rewards. Is this what Jesus does? Of course not, but we need to check anyway:

– Gurus usually demand blind obedience; Jesus asks you to examine for yourself the scriptures and confirm his own testimony regarding himself in the resurrection;

– Gurus will demand your life so they can get richer and more comfortable; Jesus abandoned all comfort and  safety so you could live fully;

– Gurus enlighten the disciples little by little so they will never surpass them; Jesus desires every disciple to constantly learn and grow into his likeness;

– Gurus make their disciples suspicious of the world and closed unto themselves; Jesus wants his disciples to be a big influence, salty and shiny to all those who are around;

– Gurus want the disciples to feel like they are special and great for being chosen; Jesus calls those who are weak and despised;

– Gurus will make you believe that they are semi-deities; Jesus is actually God and yet he comes to us in our weakness;

– Gurus will work you to your death for their own greatness; Christ works and dies for us.

You may prefer to follow all sorts of gurus out there, and they are legion. But there really is only one true master.


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