Posted: September 17, 2012 by jperritt in Snapshots
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snap·shot – a brief appraisal, summary, or profile.

Every Monday we hope to provide our readers with snapshots of films being released for the upcoming weekend. This will be a brief summary of films that will assist our readers in the area of discernment. Instead of searching other sites and reading lengthy articles, it’s our hope to provide a concise list of all the films of the weekend in one consolidated post. If you wonder why we don’t list the MPAA ratings, please click here.

Dredd 3D – A cop takes on a gang in a futuristic world where the police have the authority to act as judge, jury and executioner. Genre – action, sci-fi; content – strong bloody violence, sexual content and drug use.

End of Watch – Two officers are marked for death after they bust some notorious drug dealers. Genre – action, drama; content – strong violence, language, disturbing images, and drug use.

Trouble With the Curve – An aging recruiting scout takes his daughter on his last scouting trip. Genre – drama; content – language and sexual references.

House at the End of the Street – When will families and realtors learn that you just stay far away from these houses? Genre – horror, thriller; content – intense violence and terror, language, and some drug use.


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