Wednesday’s Weekend Poll

Posted: August 29, 2012 by jperritt in Wednesday's Weekend Poll

As many of you know, we typically post a  poll on Wednesday’s with a question in regards to a weekend release.  However, we haven’t been dealing with too many weekend releases because they have been, how should we say…poor.  So we’ve been hosting Wednesday’s Weekend Giveaway.  We have given away two copies of Ted Turnau’s, Popologetics (there is still one to be givenaway) and we have several copies of Brian Godawa’s, Hollywood Worldviews, as well as, movie theater gift cards.  We think it’s a great way to cultivate a culture of thinkers about film by giving them books, give some press to our friends writing the good literature, and say ‘thank you’ to you, the reader, of this blog.  However, we are always curious what our community of Reel Thinkers..thinks about this Wednesday slot.  Do you enjoy the polls?  More specifically, do you enjoy the giveaways?  We hope to start making it a regular thing…maybe once or twice a month, so let us hear your thoughts.

Tomorrow we are continuing to highlight the ministry of Reformed University Fellowship.  We truly want to highlight RUF because it’s such an excellent college ministry,  and there are terrible movies being released over the next several weeks so it’s nice to get some good content on the blog.  Be sure and swing by tomorrow and Friday as Rev. Chad Smith shares some excellent thoughts on film for us.

  1. k smiith says:

    I think it is good exposure and effective marketing tool for the site. There needs to be more reviews of movies out there with the perspective not to accept what the world takes as normal but to expose and bring to light the true content that is contained within the movie, and not overlook it because once we are exposed to more violence, sexual content, language and other situations we become numb to the reality of this world, and when we tell friends about a movie, we say yeah it a good movie but forget about all the content our eyes, ears, and minds were exposed to when movies gradually slip more content in to see how far they can go with the audience.
    Also, getting back on topic to the original question, yes giveaways are nice, people do like the chance at winning something(even though chance doesn’t exist), but overall polls and giveaways are good ways to find out about readers on you blog.

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