Tuesday Double Feature – My Take on “The Grey” by: Pilar Stevens

Posted: August 28, 2012 by jperritt in Action, Drama
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Friends of ours recommended “The Grey” as a great action/adventure film that most of us could watch with the exception of our youngest son (too scary for him they said). They, however, did not warn us of the language throughout the movie. It was disappointing to watch Liam Neeson curse, it just felt wrong for him to use such language and it made us all very uncomfortable.

But to the point, Ottway’s (Neeson) wife has left him. You get the impression that she walked away from the marriage and that is why he is hiding out in Alaska protecting oil workers from wild animals. He has chosen a life of isolation because he sees himself unfit for society as if cursed. This “I am cursed” theme is played out through the movie in the many life/death scenarios he encounters.
The suicide scene: You can see death and despair in his eyes. Hopelessness, agony, desolation all rolled into that one look. Have you ever seen that look? It is the look of an empty soul, longing to be released of its suffering. Nevertheless, regardless of his inner struggle, when the plane goes down, Ottway is the only one that comes up with a plan to survive.

After leaving the crash site behind and making it in to the woods. The men begin to reminisce about their loved ones. We get an intimate look into the lives and loves of these tough oil workers. Talget (another survivor) credits “providence” for their survival but Diaz (another survivor) goes on to tell us that all the people that died on that plane crash are nowhere, to him there is no Heaven or Hell and that all his co-workers have just ceased to exist. Do you hear the emptiness? Do you feel the despair? If our lives have no meaning, if there is no purpose for our existence then life is expendable, which can leads us to believe that suicide is a valid option.

One by one, the men die leaving Ottway to confront the alpha wolf. Ottway asks God for a sign (but why would God help a man he has “cursed”?) and when nothing happens, he lets God know exactly what he thinks about him. Here we see why he hates God so much. We see his wife on a hospital bed with an IV. We know then, that Ottway has prayed before but just like in that hospital room, God did not answer. This is one of the saddest moments in the whole movie. Yes, people die, some even die horrible deaths but this scene depicts the death of a soul. A soul that was created to have fellowship with God, to trust its creator has once again rebelled against Him. He chooses death over life, pride over repentance and self-reliance over God-dependence.

If movies are a reflection of our culture, “The Grey” is the perfect example of the hopelessness of man, the emptiness and meaningless of life that fills our soul when we stand apart from hope itself. And what is hope? Real hope, not to be confused with wishful thinking. For a Christian, hope is a person and his name is Jesus Christ. Jesus, our savior, who did not remain neutral or in “The Grey” in our bondage to sin but came to pay the price for our redemption.

I am NOT recommending this movie but if you do chose to watch it, make sure that you leave plenty of time for discussion. As many of the themes in this movie should not be ignored.


Pilar Stevens a.k.a. The Colombian Theologian was born and raised in Cali, Colombia and moved to the US in 1984. After finishing her education she became a “career wonderer” and did not settle down until becoming wife to Cary in 1994. She currently home schools her three children, Stephanie, Isaac and Aaron at home on Long Island, NY. A lover of order and structure she is famous for her spreadsheet driven life and her unusual hobbies of labeling and organizing. She is a teacher of Reformed Biblical Worldview using Cornerstone Curriculum, an avid movie watcher and crafter. Her favorite movie is “Aliens”. Feel free to ask her why.


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