Thursday’s Thoughts – Expendables 2

Posted: August 16, 2012 by Josh Kwasny in Action, Thursday's Thoughts
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When I saw the trailer for the first Expendables movie…I admit…I couldn’t wait to see it. A chance to watch the WORLD’S GREATEST ACTION HEROES IN ONE FILM? Pinch me…I must be dreaming.

When I saw the film, I was not surprised or disappointed. I wasn’t looking for an intriguing plot, beautiful scenery, or even normal human dialogue. I wanted the good guys to take down the bad guys. Pretty deep, huh?

Enter Expendables 2. I am fairly certain (though glad to be proven wrong) that plot, scenery, and dialogue will not improve. What is much more likely is that those who watch this new film will see more explosions, crazier stunts, badder bad guys (Jean Claude Van Damme…yep), and bloodier battles. After all, the tag line is “When the threat is great – everyone is expendable.” Not to mention these quotables… “I now pronounce you…man and knife” and “Track ’em, Find ’em, Kill em.”

As you decide whether or not to see Expendables 2, I want to give you a question to ponder? Why do we like these kinds of movies? (Yes, I do realize that not everyone does)

For those who find themselves with even a slight bit of desire to watch films like Expendables 2…ask yourself, “Why?” Are you simply appealing to your depravity – violence and mayhem taking center stage? Or may there be something else drawing you in?

Think about it. I am sure it is not a simple answer, but tomorrow I want to consider at least one possible reason why we can’t wait to see Chuck Norris beat up some bad guys again.

More tomorrow…


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