The Bourne Legacy: There was never just one

Posted: August 10, 2012 by John C. Kwasny, Ph.D. in Action, Drama
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What a great way to reboot a movie dynasty when you lose the lead actor.  Hire another studly, action hero and run the tagline: There was never just one.  This sums up the premise behind The Bourne Legacy: Jason Bourne was not the only Jason Bourne.  He was not the only super secret black-ops government-trained assassin.  There are others–and Jeremy Renner is one of them.  And, there is actually an entire army of assassins enginereed by scientists and psychologists to do battle against our enemies.  So getting rid of Jason Bourne is now old news.  The CIA powers-that-be need to deal with all the other ones–and destroy them!

I’ll leave you to debate who makes a better “Bourne”–Matt Damon or Jeremy Renner.  Many of the early reviewers say that we will forget Damon when we see Renner’s performance.  But, will we get past seeing him as the  arrow-shooting Avenger, Hawkeye?  Again, that’s for you to discuss after you watch the movie.

What I want you to focus on in this preview post centers on the idea of LEGACY.  According to Webster’s dictionary, a legacy is “something received from an ancestor or predecessor or from the past.”  How’s that for a vague definition!  Well, as far as The Bourne Legacy goes, Renner received the training, the brainwashing, the technology, the science that Bourne (his predecessor) received–and more.  He and others were transformed just like Bourne and carry the same mission.  There was never just one–there were many.

So, what about our legacies?  All human beings are legacies of Adam, our representative head.  When Adam fell into original sin, we all sinned.  When he died spiritually, we all died.  As he rebelled, we are all born rebels.  That’s our not-so-pretty, extremely destructive legacy.  That’s the bad news!  There was not just one sinner out there–ALL have sinned and fall short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23).

But, what about the Christian’s legacy?  We too received a terrible legacy from our ancestor and predecessor, Adam.  But Jesus Christ, the Last Adam, has given us a much better legacy.  In Him, we are redeemed.  In Him, we have moved from death to life.  In Him, we have been transformed.  The Christian’s legacy is one of being spiritually “re-engineered” in order to be like Christ and live for Christ.  We have been given purpose and a mission.  Now, for the Christian, it’s all about living it out by the grace of God.

And, another part of this good news parallels The Bourne Legacy: There was never meant to be just one.  Just as there was not just one Jason Bourne, there was not just one Christian.  Christ didn’t come to this earth, live, die, and rise again just to transform just one sinner into a Christian.  Thankfully, Christians are a part of the universal CHURCH.  We are part of the army of God.  We are members of a great herd of sheep living under the Great Shepherd.  The super-secret special governmental operation raised up an army of Jason Bournes that ended up to be a failed experiment.  In Christ, God the Father continues to raise up Christians to populate His Kingdom and to do His bidding–an “experiment” that will never fail, even though we are all sinners!

So Christian, if you know your identity is IN Christ (as we talked about in yesterday’s post), do you also know that “there is never just one?”  Do you know that you are not the only follower of Christ out there?  So why do you act so alone?  Why are you not in deep fellowship with your brothers and sisters in Christ?  If you actually live a life of conscious connection to the body of Christ, that’s awesome.  Keep reminding yourself of your LEGACY.  You have been given the great gift of salvation, you are being sanctified, and you have been given the community of Saints.

I’ll take the Christian’s legacy over the Bourne Legacy any day of the week!


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