Recalling Total Recall

Posted: August 2, 2012 by Emilio Garofalo Neto in Uncategorized

This is the trailer for the remake of Total Recall

Another remake? Do we need another remake? Do we need another Total Recall movie? Or is this the first Total Recall adaptation? Is there someone messing with my mind? Did I really watch a Total Recall movie with Arnie? Or did someone implant such memory in my head and now I can’t really tell?

This is the kind of discussion the novels by Philip K. Dick spark. Among his works you will find Minority Report, Blade Runner and a Scanner Darkly. Yes, mind-bending stuff.

Tomorrow we will discuss something about reality, memory and all that jazz.

Today I want to briefly consider how the story telling process of a movie such as this help us understand some things about our own communication and the way we educate.

This is a movie that can be enjoyed in different levels. I watched the original one as a pre-teen and my mind was blown with all the strange creatures and crazy action. Yet, I am pretty sure I did not get all the twists and more philosophical points (other bloggers at RT were old enough for that). As I grew, I learned to appreciate the movie in a deeper level, considering ramifications and consequences of the unreliability of the mind. But the film “worked” even without that. Let me suggest that Christian Education is somewhat similar to that (minus the Mars part).

You see, every time I preach I aim for the children and I aim for the adults. I do not want to be obtuse, nor complicated; but I want to instigate the thinking of the adults, especially those who think they have the Bible all figured out and the ones hungering for solid food. But I do not want to alienate the children either, I believe that they should, early on, be hearing the “adult’s” sermon and benefitting from it, even if they miss the more complex stuff. One day as they mature they will revisit passages and topics and build upon the things they learned. They will be surprised perhaps to see that when Jesus multiplied bread and fish it is more than about giving people food; it has to do with fulfilling Psalm 23, demonstrating his power, with building up his disciples. But we need the lesson more than once. Even the disciples needed the lesson more than once; didn’t Jesus multiply bread twice while the disciples seemed not to learn the lesson at all? See Mark 5-8.

Now, this I more than simply throwing a joke for the adults in the kid’s movie; this is about building layered stories that are profitable to everyone. Christ frequently did that! Read the Sermon on the Mount. You will recognize things and principles you learned as a child and those helped you. Read them now – you will see connections and reasoning that were not available to your age and maturity level. Let me tell you in advance: read it in your death bed and you will still be uncovering treasure.

Of course, Total Recall has only so much you can mine, but the Word of the Living God is an unending source of ideas, challenges, consolation, information and life, much life. Get to it.


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