Hype for The Dark Knight Rises began when the credits rolled for its predecessor, The Dark Knight. Critics and fans agreed that The Dark Knight was not only the best comic book movie ever made, but one of the greatest sequels for any genre of film. It has been the most anticipated film of 2012 and already has the record for a midnight showing (I think).

The success of this film, without a doubt, played a factor in director Christopher Nolan’s recent hand and footprint ceremony at Grauman’s Chinese Theater. It looks like it is on its way to shattering many more records at the box office, however, the question is, did it live up to the hype? Yes!

My mind is still processing the two hours and forty-five minutes of Bat-action, but it was a well done film and a great ending to the series. While I have some criticisms and disappointments, I really enjoyed it. Check out some random comments/thoughts below, as well as, a theme I enjoyed. I hope to have a second post up on another theme as well – THERE WILL BE SPOILERS.

Bane: I was a bit disappointed with this character. I really like Tom Hardy and his acting, but had high hopes for this villain, especially after the Joker. You can’t beat the Joker. Overall Bane was okay, but won’t be viewed as a timeless villain.

The Joker: Christopher Nolan is such an excellent writer/director, I had hoped he would mention something about the Joker in this film. Maybe this was out of respect for the passing of Heath Ledger, but I felt that they could have given this character some closure in the last film.

Catwoman: Selina Kyle/Catwoman didn’t bother me that much. I didn’t see Ann Hathaway pulling this character off, but she did a good job. She provided some great scenes and was able to fight well in high heels.

John Blake: I really liked this character a lot. Joseph Gordon-Levitt seems to be an up-and-coming actor and I’ve really enjoyed his other roles. (In case you didn’t mind the spoiler warning, you might want to) I also wasn’t bothered that he was Robin. I thought I would hate Robin and laughed at the idea of bringing Robin into the films, but I think Levitt could pull it off. Some of that will be contingent on the costume. We also need to realize that Robin is part of the Batman series and accept him.

The Ending: I really liked the ending. Like I said, the film was a bit different from what I thought it would be and it was slow at some parts, but the ending switched it into high gear pretty fast. I liked the closure they gave between Alfred and Bruce, as well as, the great action sequences with Batman’s newest toy ‘The Bat’.

One theme I enjoyed came from one of the film’s most emotional scenes. However, I must digress a bit in order to discuss. One aspect that bothered me about The Dark Knight was the constant concealing of the truth. Batman’s true identity was concealed, so was Harvey Dent’s, and Alfred burns the letter from Rachel Dawes – there may have been a few other moments of concealed truth. However, The Dark Knight Rises brings the truth to the surface, which is another aspect of the film I enjoyed.

Not only does TDKR bring the truth to the surface, it also shows the effects of concealing the truth. The powerful scene between Alfred and Bruce is Alfred’s confession to destroying the letter from Rachel. Alfred knows the truth of this letter will destroy Bruce, but he also knows this truth can bring him life. He also knows that the truth will most likely destroy their relationship, one that Alfred had since Bruce’s birth, but is willing to sacrifice that if it means it will save his life.

This made me think about the Truth of the gospel. There have been many times in my life when I knew speaking the truth in love meant making people angry. I have lost friends in my life and moved people to hate me, because I knew the truth must be revealed. I guess that’s why this scene resonated with me.

The truth is a powerful thing. And when we speak about the ultimate Truth of the gospel, it’s an offensive thing, it always will be. And I’m convicted that far too often I protect my relationships with people by avoiding the disclosure of Truth. In other words, I don’t show true love to people.

Alfred showed that he truly loved Bruce by his willingness to sacrifice their relationship in order to speak the truth. We must follow that example. Each of us currently have people in our lives who don’t know the Truth of the gospel. Why aren’t we telling it to them? What’s the fear that’s keeping us from doing so? Let’s lay this earthly life on the altar in order that those we love may know the life that’s truly life.

Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. [John 14:6]


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