Thursday’s Thoughts – Ice Age 4

Posted: July 12, 2012 by Josh Kwasny in Animation, Comedy, Family, Thursday's Thoughts
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The only film being widely released this week is the fourth installment of the incredibly popular Ice Age series (Ice Age 3 made almost a billion dollars worldwide – yep with a “b”).  As you head to the box office to watch Scrat’s pursuit of the his beloved acorn cause the earth’s continental drift, take a moment to consider a couple of themes that have been present throughout the series.

1. The Herd – Probably the most dominant idea of these films is “family.”  Of course, this is not the family of the traditional Mom, Dad and 1.5 kids variety (we are talking about animals after all).  Ice Age boasts a herd (family) made up of a wide variety of individuals/species.  Family is not defined by mere blood relationship, but instead includes all who are committed to the herd.  While some might view this definition of family as an affront to traditional “family values,” I think that it is better understood in terms of an extended family.  Ice Age’s rag tag team reminds me of the family of God – a dysfunctional group of sinners, saved by grace, adopted by God in Christ, unified under King Jesus, and on a common mission.  I don’t know about you, but I often feel like the “Sid” of the family.  I am grateful just to be included.

2. Friendship – Of course, the idea of “the herd” includes the theme of friendship.  The characters of Ice Age demonstrate the self-sacrifice required to be a true friend.  Manny and Diego constantly have to be patient with Sid’s slowness (body and mind), while Sid embodies what it means to overlook an offense – as Manny and Diego constantly make fun of him.  As you watch the film(s), consider other ways that friendship is demonstrated.  Good friends are a gift from God.

3. Sarcastic Humor – I have talked with some people who either don’t like or just don’t get sarcasm.  Be advised…Ice Age is one of many films that lays the sarcasm on thick.  What do you expect from comedians like Ray Romano and Denis Leary?  Personally, I think that sarcasm should be categorized as the 6th “love language” (I may actually write that book).  I think I can confidently say that here at Reel Thinking sarcasm has a special place in our hearts.  I know it can be abused and cause harm if we are not careful…but hey…so can chocolate.


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