Some Brave Thoughts from a Not-So-Brave Guy

Posted: June 22, 2012 by jperritt in Action, Drama, Family
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Okay, this is a post I’m approaching with some fear and trepidation, but we’ll get to that in a minute. For now, enjoy this excellent trailer for Brave.

I’m really excited about Brave coming out. I have loved Pixar films and am amazed how consistently good their films have been. The quality of story-telling and the emotions these movies can evoke are amazing, which leads me to have cautious expectations for Brave. I say cautious because I am still uncertain about the story. Although there have been plenty of TV spots and trailers, the story is somewhat vague and Pixar is smart enough to keep some tricks up their sleeve.

The reason I am fearful to discuss this film, is because some of the themes seem to feed some feministic thinking (I know some of you just rolled your eyes). There have been two times when we discussed feminism at this blog, and it led us to get our feelings hurt (guys are sensitive too). We weren’t shocked at the feminists who bashed us on their message boards (true story), we were surprised at the subtle levels of feminism we witnessed among professing believers. I also found it interesting that secular blogs were affirming a certain film’s ability to help move the feminist agenda forward, yet Christians seemed blind to it.

All of that being said, I’m not trying to make anyone angry, rather I’m merely discussing a film’s possible storyline. It appears that Merida is determined to redefine the roll of a lady in this film. The trailer shows us that she is a strong woman who will be shootin’ for her own hand. And you can bet your kilt there ain’t no one who will stop her. Not her father, not her mother, and surely not another man. We must remember that the devil works in subtle ways, in this case, in ways to war against gender roles. No, I’m not saying that a strong woman equals feminism, but I am saying that an unsubmissive woman to her mother and father does. Here are some thoughts:

Feeding Feminism = Frustration

If Brave does indeed feed this thinking, it will only further frustration for females. We must know that there is never going to be a point in history when the earth will be feministic enough to satisfy females. Even if every world leader was female, all the heroes of film and literature were female, and every man recited a creed each morning proclaiming how inferior they are, feminists will still be angry. You want to know why? Keep reading.

A Contradictory Cause

The feminist movement is strange because it only affirms the very thing it’s fighting against. The reason feminists are fighting is because they want everyone to know they are equal to men. Why? What’s so good about men? Why do they want to be treated the same way as the gender they’re annoyed by? If that’s the case, then we can start depicting females as incompetent idiots just like the males are depicted in your average sitcom. There’s no arguing with the fact that males are rarely depicted in a positive light.

Pre-Gender Wars

It’s not Brave’s fault that this conversation is coming up. It’s also not the male’s fault and it’s not the female’s, it’s sin. Sin messes everything up. That’s why I find Genesis 1 & 2 a great place to look, for this is our record of earth prior to the entrance of sin. When we do flip back to those sweet times of fellowship, void of gender wars, we read that Adam and Eve were created equal in essence, but Adam was to lead – not rule – his wife.

Guess what? This does not make the woman inferior. She is Adam’s helper. Guess what? It’s not an insult to be a helper. Do you know who else is called our Helper? The Holy Spirit. The third Person of the Trinity. This is God’s beautiful design to affirm the unique gifts He created and He bestowed to His creatures. He has the right to determine how His creatures function in this world – men and women cannot dictate this. And this is why feminists will never be happy. Feminists are warring against God Almighty, not sinful men who do abuse their manhood at times. You are angry at a holy God that loves to display your femininity in a beautiful way.

What I pick up from the trailers of Brave is Merida’s strong desire to change her fate. Changing the typical ways in which a lady is to behave. Now, the film may also err at this point and treat women as objects, which is also unbiblical. All of this uncertainty about the storyline is why I’m uncertain about it.

So I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to buy my ticket to Brave. I’m ready to see what story they are telling. I’m ready to watch it with the beautiful women God has placed in my life (my wife and daughter). I’m ready to correct any feministic, or domineering, teaching for biblical teaching. And I’m ready to continue to affirm the many ways in which my wife and daughter are stronger and more uniquely gifted than I am. Men, let’s be brave and lead our families by affirming that.

  1. DustyOldTrail says:

    Feminism is a tough subject for me. I was raised thinking one way and then I’m taught that the scriptures say another way. I am for an increase in women’s rights (equal pay in the workplace) and I am for a decrease in women’s rights (abortion). It just always seemed a bit too good for me. I was born a man and because of that I have to be a leader all of a sudden. I’ve never been good at being a leader. There are women out there who are great leaders. My kid sister jumped off the high dive at five and I jumped off the high dive at nine. I don’t even get why we have gender roles. My older brother wears tank tops and sings falsetto. He’s got more work ethic than anyone else I know and I can’t help but look up to him.

    I need to pray more and spend more time in the scriptures. I need to sin less and spend more time in service to others. With all of these obvious areas to work on I tend not to worry about the wife I will never marry and the daughter I will never sire.

    I am not saying all these things to affirm feminism or to be willfully ignorant of the scriptures. I am saying all these things to explain how hard it is for me to focus on this subject. I would rather believe the world. I would rather watch Brave because they have red hair and I have red hair. But this is of course why this site exists. This is why I have a community of believers. To help me in capturing every thought for God. It’s what He deserves. Thanks for the article.

  2. Well, I gotta admit that I’m a little feminist, even though I know it’s unbiblical. But this particular post talked to me and helped me, the recollection about the role of Holy Spirit been a parallel to the role of a female was awesome. And I pray that this site helps even more my life and other’s life through the Truth of Bible.

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