Thursday’s Thoughts – Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Posted: June 21, 2012 by jperritt in Action, Drama, Horror, Thriller
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We’ve discussed the topic of genre-mixing before here at Reel Thinking. What we mean by genre-mixing is pretty self-explanatory. Taking two genres that typically don’t belong together and mixing them. Sometimes this is done well and sometimes it isn’t.

A film that didn’t do this well last summer was Cowboys and Aliens. Before you get defensive, I was really looking forward to this film. Some people may say that’s just too unbelievable, yet a film with just regular aliens isn’t? I didn’t have a problem with the concept, the film had a great cast, and the first half of the film was great. To me, it seemed like they gave up on the story half-way through the film. But, I wasn’t bothered by the idea of mixing science fiction and westerns. If we believe aliens exist (on-screen) why not believe they could exist in the wild west?

This year’s Cowboys and Aliens appears to be Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (it’s hard to even type that without smiling). I have to admit, I am one who is actually intrigued by this film. I mean, why not believe our sixteenth president of the United States is an axe-wielding vampire hunter?

This movie sounds like a b-movie, but it appears to be done with A style. The special effects are not subpar, therefore, should Christians watch a ridiculous film like this? Would it be wrong to watch a film like this? Well, I’m not going to address the content of the film, but the idea of it. The movie is said to be violent, so that is something you need to wrestle with if you struggle in this area.

I don’t think anyone can argue with the fact that this is a creative film. I haven’t read the book, but am intrigued as to why, or how, anyone would come up with a story about a former president being a vampire hunter. It’s so ridiculous, it doesn’t bother me…if that makes sense. We watch movies with asteroids on a collision-coarse with earth, a big, hairy space alien named Chewbacca, and vampires caught in a love-triangle, why not see or former president fighting off the undead?

Part of the intrigue of film is to escape to make-believe places. I love being transported to Middle Earth, as I watch the Lord of the Ring films each year. At what point does a film become too make-believe to watch? I think it might be this idea of genre-mixing. As I said, sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn’t. I think combining a true-story with a make-believe one is a case where this doesn’t work. Even though it doesn’t work for the average movie-goer, it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t work at all.

Again, this is creative. The human mind is created by God. God is the ultimate Creator and has given us the ability to create. My children come up with some pretty hilarious fantasies when they’re playing in our living room, and I encourage them to continue to exercise their creativity. Part of this is simply stewarding the minds God has given us. Is there a point in time when we are to quit stewarding our minds in a creative way and just grow up? Maybe? Maybe not?

Yes this film may glorify violence, which isn’t good. And yes most people can’t keep a straight face when they read the title, but I don’t have a problem with the concept. Christians must applaud creativity knowing that it is bestowed on us by God, even if Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter isn’t your cup of tea.

  1. DustyOldTrail says:

    Well the book was written by the same person who wrote Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and Sense and Sensibilities and Sea Monsters. Basically the author takes an original text that has outlived its copyright and throws in some absurd monster scenario. It looks incredible but I don’t know. I doubt I could stomach Barak Obama and the Basilisk. Its a summer movie and these things are hardly ever lasting.

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