Thursday’s Thoughts: Reel Thinking’s Vision

Posted: June 14, 2012 by jperritt in Thursday's Thoughts, Uncategorized

Emilio Garofalo is our resident Brazilian here at Reel Thinking.  However, I guess you could say that I’m a temporary Brazilian, since I’m currently in Brazil on a mission trip with our senior high youth. Our primary objective over here is assisting the Brazilian church with the implementation of a special needs ministry. While we are most certainly doing that, we are also doing other things. We will be assisting with various diaconal needs, preaching, teaching, lecturing, and evangelizing – we may even do a little site-seeing.

One interesting ministry opportunity we will have over here is a Reel Thinking Night. We will be watching the movie, I Am Legend, and discussing the many gospel parallels from the film. We will be viewing this with the youth group, but are hoping that it proves to be an evangelistic opportunity as well.

All of this got me to thinking though, what is the point of Reel Thinking? What are the goals/vision of RT? Well, our About tab at the top of the page will help and our very first post will also help, but I wanted to lay this out a bit more clearly for our readership at RT. We have a three-fold vision for this site. While it is not limited to these three things, it is our hope that these three aspects are consistently being addressed.


This site focuses on general revelation. What do we mean by general revelation? God reveals Himself through creation. Psalm 19:1& 2 says, “The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork. Day to day pours out speech, and night to night reveals knowledge.” Romans 1, as well as other places in Scripture, speak to God making Himself known through creation. While general revelation is important, special revelation (Scripture) is superior to that. However, we see film as part of creation, and because of that, part of general revelation. That is, God reveals Himself through modern-day film. He is ruling over all creation and there is no way to keep him silent.


This site also hopes to tell others about the gospel of Jesus Christ. We hope that many non-believers stumble upon this site and hear about the only way to salvation being through the Lord Jesus Christ. Because we are talking about secular films, and because almost every human being goes to the cinema, we are confident that many non-believers are stumbling onto this site. This is why we discuss various films, this is why we attempt to frequently post on newly released films, we know people are searching for these films and are coming across out site. Our site is getting hits all over the world and we pray, and know, that God can use this site to bring people to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.


Lastly, we hope to train others on how to view films through the lens of Scripture. We hope that our various posts begin to make people think biblically about film. We know if you are a regular visitor of this site, your mind will be trained to do this. Whether it is finding biblical parallels to film or searching for worldviews being communicated, we know this site will assist you to that end. We also want you to know, we are not any more gifted at this than the normal movie-goer. Yes we started a blog devoted to this, but each of you can do this. This is one reason why we have had many guest bloggers, and we hope to host many more. We also hope that this training leads each of you to do what we are currently doing in Brazil – hosting a Reel Thinking Night. Get some people together, pop in a film, and discuss it afterwards. Use it as an evangelistic tool or to deepen your thinking.

There ya go. Those are our primary goals at RT. We are confident that these three aspects of this site are being accomplished. Not because of our unique gifts or consistency, but because our Great God is faithful to His Word and promises to redeem His people unto Himself through the blood of His faithful Son, Jesus Christ.


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