Some Not-so-Easy Challenges from Easy A

Posted: June 5, 2012 by jperritt in Comedy, Drama
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(Disclaimer: I saw this film once, several months ago, so I may get some details wrong.)

Some of you may be aware that June is LGBT Pride month (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender). I received an email from my cable provider, which listed many television shows, specials, and movies they would be providing in the month of June to support LGBT. Prior to my knowledge of this month, I had planned to write a post on Easy A and felt that this month made that all the more applicable.

Easy A was a surprising film to me. Since I am a youth pastor, I watch movies like this to be reminded of the world our teens are growing up in. I must say, EA does a fairly good job of its portrayal of youth culture. There is a great deal of crude sexual dialogue and some of it is glorified, but this film also provides some great themes to discuss. Because of the content in the film I cannot recommend this movie, however, if you do watch it you must have discussion about it. Christians must not expose themselves to this sort of content without engaging it through the lens of Scripture.

That being said, Easy A follows the story (there are two sides to each one) of Olive (Emma Stone), a nobody who became a somebody, after a rumor spreads about her promiscuity (You also should know that EA is loosely based on The Scarlet Letter). Olive’s good friend Brandon (Dan Byrd) is an out-of-the-closet homosexual who is constantly harassed at school. He is abused, both physically and verbally, by his classmates and lives a life of terror. This leads him to ask Olive if she will pretend to have sex with him, so people will leave him alone. They go to a party, pretend to have sex, guys leave Brandon alone, but Olive gets a reputation.

The Enormous Plank in the Eye of Christians

The film does portray Christians in a pretty poor light. They are judgmental, self-righteous, hypocritical, in short, unloving. However, I know many Christians who are judgmental, self-righteous, hypocritical, and unloving – I look at one every morning in the mirror. When Brandon describes the horrors of going through high school, because of his homosexuality, it is saddening. There is no excuse for anyone to treat another image-bearer with violence. Anyone should be moved by Brandon’s testimony.

Therefore, the first truth I want everyone to see, especially Christians, is that we are guilty of being unloving to homosexuals. To many Christians, this is the one sin that is unforgivable to us. We say it’s not, but our actions show otherwise. Christians must be reminded that they have a rotten plank of festering sin in their own hearts, and must be humbled by it.

Christians, if you are one who looks down on homosexuality, name-calling or displaying judgment-filled hatred towards homosexuals, you must repent. You are in sin and must repent, because you are no better than any other.

Remaining in Rebellion Will Not Get Better

All of that being said, the second truth I want to state, is the fact that homosexuality is a sin. Pornography is a sin, lust is a sin, adultery is a sin, but you don’t see too many people fighting to make those things a freedom.

As sad as Brandon’s story was in Easy A, and as much as Christians, and others, need to be critiqued about their disdain towards homosexuals, same-sex attraction is still wrong. And this is where homosexuals need to receive critique, just as Christians must receive critique for their hatred towards gays.

Homosexuals want Christians to be tolerant of their lifestyle and accept their lifestyle, however, people like Dan Savage show how intolerant they are of Christianity. My request to homosexuals is to see this from the Christian’s perspective.

Christians (most of them) hold the Bible to be the inerrant Word of God; i.e., it is Truth we base our entire lives on. It condemns homosexuality as sin which will receive strict punishment. Therefore, Christians believe if homosexuals don’t repent of their lifestyle and turn to Jesus, they will spend eternity in hell. And the perspective I want the homosexual community to see, is that of love. If Christians are right and the Bible is true, than unrepentant homosexuals will be punished for their rebellion forever. Therefore, Christians speaking out against homosexuality is actually them lovingly calling them out of rebellion.

Sadly, for Brandon, he remains in his rebellion. He falls in love with an older man and his life seems like it will get better, but it won’t. Romans 1 is a clear passage of what happens when we remain in our rebellion.

What we must see is that every human being is rebellious. Everyone. We have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. However, there was one man, Jesus Christ, who entered into creation to rebel against our rebellion. He lived a perfect life, died a perfect death, and rose. Now, by faith in what He accomplished, all our sin is washed away and we too will raise to new life.

  1. DustyOldTrail says:

    Woah now Johnny, I guess you are the leader but risque subject matter. Immensely refreshing if I can say so. I’ve talked to you about homosexuality before and I know where we differ.(namely over whether repentance requires marriage with the opposite sex or just celibacy). I don’t want to argue with your points merely reinforce them. Again great article.

    I had no idea we had an LGBT month, seems like everybody gets a month now. (except for Groundhogs filthy creatures)

    I’d like to elaborate on your point about christian’s hate, sorry but I like this part a lot. It doesn’t take long nowadays to find an example of this (most recently the five year old boy that was applauded by his congregation after singing “aint no homos gonna make it to heaven”, the North Carolina pastor calling for concentration camps from the pulpit, and any pick of the recent gay teen suicides)

    As much as these might be labeled outliers they are not. I see this hate to a lesser extent every day. I was told once that we as christians are the only bibles a watching world will ever see. Speaking only with myself as an example we are failing horribly.

    Churches were built to withstand the coming out stories of their members, we were built to be a group of sinners that build each other up. Jesus Himself said He did not come to save the righteous but the unrighteous. A lot of blame for our unwillingness to accept sinners is because we do not see each other as sinners. All too often we reply “going good” when asked how we are. None of us are “going good”, all of us struggle its just not polite to admit it.

    Homosexuality is seen as the worst sin because many of us do not struggle with it. It is almost impossible to relate to a sin that has never crossed our minds. We don’t need much of an excuse to view ourselves as better than others, we were born that way.

    The message we need to send the LGBT community is not one of ourselves, but one of Jesus Christ. You want to hear about a man the religious leaders hated? How about a man who was betrayed by His closest friends? How about a man who who wept openly? How about a man who was misunderstood by His own family? Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus Amen.

    He is up there right now at the foot of God interceding on our behalf. I’m not saying we can keep on in our sin take 1 John as a ready example, only that the beauty of grace is it doesn’t leave you where it found you. We can’t lead with the law and expect to win people over to Christ, didn’t work for the hebrews and it won’t work for us. The Corinthians got drunk on the communion wine and had orgies, they’ll be in Heaven. Not because of them but because of Christ crucified.

    Like John said it doesn’t get better. Not just for the unrepentant sinner but for all of us. Our only hope for the end of suffering is the next world.

    I think the main reason the LGBT community is so adamantly against we as christians is because we say “be perfect as I am perfect” and leave out the only good news we have.

    You can argue that they need to know their sin in order to know their need for a Savior. This is a good point, but I became a Christian at six. I asked God for protection from the bears. Since then I’ve gone through my parent’s divorce, pornography, a hunger strike, the patriots twice losing the super bowl to the giants, and a debilitating autoimmune disease. As of yet no bears. My point is that we don’t recognize how much we need a Savior until we’ve walked with Him a while. I don’t appreciate God nearly as much now as I will five years from now. Go in with the Gospel first and trust God in three parts to do the rest.

    If we keep pushing against homosexuals then they will run straight into the arms of te LGBT community which is always accepting. It’s hard enough to believe in a perfect God in an imperfect world, let alone without the community of believers.

    I don’t know much of anything but I know that a perfect Jesus died so that I could go to Heaven. The world is going to be the world. You’ll see me in Heaven and you’ll see others like me in Heaven. Saved sinners all of us.

    It’s a tough subject but a worthy one. I doubt any of you read this far but thanks if you did. The best advice I have if you struggle with hate is to pray. Not only so that God can soften your hearts but also so that God can make you more aware of your own sin. Someone you know will come out of the closet in your lifetime, the sooner you prepare for that the better.

    • John says:

      Many good points DustyOldTrail, I agree with most of them. One place where you are incorrect is when you say the LGBT community is ‘always accepting’. They are sinners just like anyone and will not always be accepting. Let us draw from the recent comments from Dan Savage, who is part of the LGBT community. He clearly hates the Word of God and will do so for any in the LGBT community who adheres to that. Again, you have many good points and I appreciate you communicating them, but you must be careful of possibly sending a message that the LGBT community is more accepting than the Christian community. Both communities have hatred, hypocrisy, and judgmentalism, therefore, be cautious in your defense of one over the other.

      • DustyOldTrail says:

        That’s a good point John. Again I need to be more careful with my blanket statements and hasty generalizations. The Patriots don’t win the Superbowl every time I say that they will. I guess the point I was trying to make is that an alcoholic generally feels more accepted in a bar than in an AA meeting. Again its people like you that ought to be highlighted as opposed to say a Westboro Baptist Church. Thanks for the article, the discussion, and the site.

  2. DustyOldTrail says:

    I didn’t even think about this but was that j perritt, j kwaz, or j c kwaz? Doesn’t really matter same goes whoever it is.Great site and I’m not even banned for thinking The Matrix sequels were watchable.

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