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Here we go again. Not too long ago I wrote some strong posts against A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas [post 2] and American Reunion [post 2]. While wanting to remain sensitive to the issue of Christian liberty, I felt there was no reason a Christian should watch or support those films. Today I’m taking a similar stance against the movie, Piranha 3DD. You probably don’t need a blog post to tell you why a Christian shouldn’t watch this film, but, we at Reel Thinking, might need to explain why we would encourage such a strong stance against this film. Plus, it seems that some Christians would view a film like this and simply ‘laugh’ at the possible dangers that are contained in it.

To me, films like this are the ‘gateway drug’ to pornography. Don’t get me wrong, this film is explicitly pornographic, there’s no way around it (just look at the title). However, I say it is the gateway drug to porn, because their plot isn’t entirely centered on porn. Piranha 3DD has various subplots going on – mutant piranhas eating people at a water park – but they have other aspects of the plot that prove to be pornographic; i.e., lifeguards who are strippers. Even though the film is blatantly pornographic to some, the filmmakers mask it in It’s a horror film about piranhas attacking people. Therefore, guys feel less shame in saying they’re going to see P3DD at the theater, but the film still feeds the pornographic desire they have; i.e., gateway drug to porn.

Not only does this film exploit sex, it also contains over-the-top-gore and worships it, which is sinful. There is no doubt that sometimes a movie requires violence. For example, Saving Private Ryan must be violent in order to accurately capture the horrors of war, but P3DD is taking the horrific realities of violence and exploiting them.

We talked about the foolish producers of Harold & Kumar exploiting God’s creation of sex, and now we have the equally dumb creators of P3DD exploiting violence…and sex. The truth is, violence is real. Sometimes violence is needed, sometimes violence happens accidentally, and since we live in a fallen creation, violence will always be a result of the world we live in. But to take that truth and worship it, is disgusting.

The first bloodshed that ever occurred in the history of the world was in God’s gracious covering of Adam and Eve’s nakedness (Gen. 3:21). Genesis tells us that God covered Adam and Eve in animal skins, implying that an animal had to die. It was our first parent’s sin that caused bloodshed – violence. Therefore, it is easy for us to see that sin caused violence. Sin requires bloodshed. There will be no bloodshed in the new heavens and the new earth, so to take a result of the fall and worship it as the creators of P3DD do is sick.

Not only do they worship violence, but they do it in a somewhat humorous way. If you look this film up, its genre is horror, comedy, thriller. They have horrific depictions of piranhas eating humans and they attempt to add humor to a distortion of creation…not funny. Christians must be striving to keep violence and blood in their proper place. These are sobering realities of the fall, but when those lines begin to be blurred as humorous, that is a dangerous lie being communicated.

The Three Stooges might have been the first to depict violence as humorous, but there is a significant difference between a face getting ripped off (this happened in the first Piranha) and a kick to the shin (see Stooges).

Besides the bad acting, story line, and waste of time this film would be, add to that, the graphic nudity/sex and the graphic violence, and I think Christians would be hard-pressed to give a good reason they should see a film like this. Remember, we are creatures created in the image of God, should we really watch (and possibly laugh at) a film that exploits those image-barers with depictions of violence and sex?

  1. Taylor says:

    It’s limited release though. Less than 90 theaters nationwide

  2. Jody says:

    How do you discern which movies you need to avoid to guard your heart–even though you post to website dedicated to reviewing films from a Christian worldview??? The films which serve as a gateway drug to porn are no less such a drug for a reviewer. I am intrigued by this site. BTW I’m a native Mississippian (Pontotoc County; Miss. State grad). I currently pastor a Reformed Baptist Church in Alabama. I’m a fan of movies, but certain genres & titles automatically make it on my avoid list.

    • jperritt says:

      I think I understand what you’re saying. We actually don’t watch every film we review. Often times we highlight truths and themes we read about. I did not watch Piranha and don’t plan on it bc, you are right, porn will definitely affect the reviewer.

      Thanks for your question, Jody.

      • Jody says:

        Good to know. Again, this site holds much interest for me. Thanks so much for your response! God’s blessings in Christ!

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