Not What I Expected from What to Expect When You’re Expecting

Posted: May 31, 2012 by jperritt in Comedy, Drama, Rom-com [romantic comedy]
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My wife and I rarely get to go to the movies. We often receive them through Netflix, but going to the theater is a once, or twice, a year occurrence. However, a gracious family friend offered to keep the kids, so we got the opportunity to go to the local cineplex. Since it’s the summertime we thought a summer blockbuster would be fun to see, so we checked out What to Expect When You’re Expecting. I know we’ve already had a couple of posts on this, and I also realize this isn’t a summer blockbuster, but I wanted to point out a couple of things I enjoyed about this film.

This film received bad reviews and there is some content that Christians must be sensitive to, however, I actually liked the film. It had some good humor in it and it was fun to be able to go to the theater with my wife. Yes it was ‘sitcom-y’ as some critics have said and there was some weak acting, but there were two aspects of the film I enjoyed.

(There will be some spoilers)

First, I enjoyed the young romance between Marco (Chace Crawford)and Rosie (Anna Kendrick), but not for the reasons you might think. Their story was your formulaic, cheesy, romantic comedy love that is so often depicted at the theaters. They had your way-to-typical banter and fast-paced love that so often occurs, but there was somewhat of a twist I appreciated.

Marco and Rosie had some history together, which made their rushed romance more believable. After they let their emotions dictate their decisions, Rosie meets back up with Marco to tell him she’s expecting. This is obviously a shock to both and it doesn’t fit the cutesy young love we so often see onscreen. Shortly after they decide to keep the baby (something we should applaud), but Rosie has a miscarriage and loses the child.

Even though the story of Marco and Rosie didn’t always seem to fit the movie, I appreciated the realism their story depicted. It was so formulaic until the reality of pregnancy and miscarriage were depicted. Your typical rom-coms don’t throw in the reality of sleeping around leading to an unexpected pregnancy and miscarriage. I appreciated the sobering reminders that their story communicated.

The second aspect of the film I enjoyed was the overall positive portrayal of parenting and children. I know the film makes many jokes, jabs even, at having children. But, the overall message of parenting is very positive. They do not minimize the difficulties and drastic changes that come about with children, which is true. With lines like, ‘This [parenting] is where happiness goes to die.’, one may think this is going to be anti-family film but it’s not.

I think if every parent is honest, they would admit that there are times when they’ve thought their children have robbed them of happiness. Children are difficult and they so often rob us of our idol of peace we think we deserve. So WTEWYE does give an accurate portrayal of the frustrations that arise from parenting, but also the happiness. We have the best line of the film from Vic (Chris Rock). I’ve only seen the film once, so I may misquote, but he says something along the lines of, ‘Before children, I thought I knew what happiness was, but now that I have them I really know what happiness is. It’s hard, but I’m happier now.’ He’s affirming what every parent knows to be true. Parenting is hard…very hard, but there is much happiness as well.

All of this to say, I found WTEWYE to be an enjoyable film. It probably won’t be a film I watch again and it won’t be a classic, but there were many positive elements Christians should appreciate. WTEWYE affirms parenting, adoption and a couple choosing life. It also faithfully shows the consequences of sex that may occur. Christians so often criticize Hollywood, but forget to applaud them when they communicate truths we affirm. This is why I felt the need to communicate why I enjoyed this film. Again, giving some cautions to the content, I hope you can appreciate this film from a biblical perspective.

  1. Cindy says:

    I would caution a teen from seeing it though. The sexual content seems a bit much for their eyes and education.

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