Posted: May 28, 2012 by jperritt in Snapshots
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snap·shot – a brief appraisal, summary, or profile.

Every Monday we hope to provide our readers with snapshots of films being released for the upcoming weekend. This will be a brief summary of films that will assist our readers in the area of discernment. Instead of searching other sites and reading lengthy articles, it’s our hope to provide a concise list of all the films of the weekend in one consolidated post. If you wonder why we don’t list the MPAA ratings, please click here.

Snow White and the Huntsman – This live action adaptation of the children’s classic is not for children and probably won’t be a classic; looks kinda cool though. Genre – Action, Fantasy, Drama; content – violence, disturbing images, and some sensuality.

Piranha 3DD – In this sequel to the gross-out porn, Piranha, piranhas begin attacking people in bath tubs and water parks. Genre – Horror, ‘comedy’, thriller; content – extreme gore and horror violence, graphic nudity, and language.

Battlefield America – It’s basically the same thing as the dance films, Step Up, except it has a bunch of eight-year-olds…gyrating…fighting…acting like adults…but they’re eight (Could they pick a title that tells you less about the actual film?). Genre – ‘Action Dancing’; content – drug use, language, aggressive dance gyrations, violent dancing, and nasty dance trash-talk.

  1. DustyOldTrail says:

    After seeing the trailer I’ve determined that all of Western culture has been building to the climax that is Battlefield America.

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