Safe – This is your typical Jason Statham shoot-’em-up action film. However, he is defending some precious cargo in this film – a young girl who holds a valuable password. Now, we understand that Hollywood, most likely, wants to employ an ‘innocent’ little girl to possibly increase the amount of females that buy tickets (they already know the males will be lining up to see Statham blow stuff up), however, that idea resonates with many.

Will Safe be just another Statham action film? Is the twist of adding small girl to the plot just a way of justifying action? Will adding a young girl to the story increase the emotional response of the audience? Should a father-figure protecting a little girl resonate with audiences? What parallels can be drawn from our Heavenly Father and Luke Wright (Statham)? What aspects of this film can and should be praised by Christians?

The Raven – This film has an interesting concept for all the Edgar Allen Poe lovers out there. A serial killer torments his victims with inspiration from Poe’s works. This film will, no doubt, be dark and depraved, but what can gain from a film like this? Can the creative twist employing Poe’s works be appreciated? What can this film teach us about depravity? Can this help us better understand the darkness of mankind’s hearts? What does this film teach us about justice? What does this film teach us about good vs. evil?

The Five-Year Engagement – This film is a humors take on a couple’s engagement that continues to get postponed. Even though the couple seeks marriage, other things in life seem to take priority over that union. What does this film teach about the value of marriage? Are other things, like careers, deemed more important? Should careers be put before marriage? What does scripture tell us about careers and their importance? What does Scripture teach about marriage? What are the idols of the main characters in the film? What do they see as their salvation/gods? What good things are looked to as ultimate things in the film?

The Pirates! Band of Misfits – The story follows a clumsy pirate seeking to establish himself among his fellow buccaneers.  Although this film has some crude humor and sexual innuendo, it should prove to be a fun outing for the family.  However, since we are in the business of assisting Reel Thinkers, how can you engage your children in thinking about this film?  How can you use Pirates to teach and train your child?  You may think a film like this is for sheer entertainment, but I can guarantee you that truth will be communicated through this band of misfits.  What aspects of the pirates will they enjoy?  What aspects of a pirates life should not be for your child?  What are the main characters after?  Who is portrayed as good or evil? Why?  Be sure to use this film (yes, even this film) to raise your child as wise, instead of raising your own band of misfits.


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