Batman Begins: Poverty & Redemption

Posted: April 24, 2012 by jperritt in Action, Drama
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As mentioned in a previous post, I am a big fan of Batman. I have been since Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman hit the big screen. As I’ve reflected a bit more on Gotham City’s savior, I’ve come to see many parallels to the True Savior. We plan on doing several posts on the recent Batman franchise as The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters in a matter of months.

We previously spoke about the Dark Knight becoming a curse for Gotham City, which is a clear parallel to Christ (Gal. 3:13). Today we will highlight an aspect from Batman Begins that should point us to Christ.

In the 2005 hit, Batman Begins, audiences really got more back-story on the Capped Crusader. We were able to look more deeply into the life of Bruce Wayne. We learned about his fear of bats, which led to a bat being his symbol for justice, “Bats frighten me. It’s time my enemies share my dread.” We saw how Wayne learned how to fight, as well as, the origins of his costume and all of his cool bat-toys, including the Batmobile.

Prior to all of the cool bat-toys, we also learn about the not-so-glorious life of the Wayne family. If you remember, Bruce Wayne’s parents were murdered on the streets of Gotham, leaving young Bruce to be raised by the family butler, Alfred. After Bruce grows up and has a few failed attempts at confronting the corruption of Gotham City, he seemingly gives up and disappears.

But the poverty and anonymity Bruce chose is eerily familiar.

After the failed attempt at confronting the evil Carmine Falcone, Bruce goes to the streets getting rid of his wallet, he later leaves Wayne manner, and enters a life of utter poverty. He becomes a nobody, a thug on the streets. He later gets arrested for “stealing” some goods that were being shipped in a warehouse. Although he was accused of stealing, the goods actually belonged to him. His life of poverty kept him from being recognized as the creator of the goods that were taken.

The words of the apostle Paul in 2 Cor. 8:9 rang in my ears as I thought about this story, “For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ: Though he was rich, he became poor so that you through his poverty might become rich.”

Bruce Wayne was rich and somewhat free from the evils of the world. He lived in Wayne Manor, had endless money and possessions, and all the amenities that life had to offer him. However, the desire to rid ‘his city’ of corruption drove him to leave his throne, become poor, take on a ‘new body’, saving his people from evil.

It wasn’t until I began reflecting on the Dark Knight, that I saw the many similarities between him and Christ. Although Batman is a very cool hero, the parallels break down in numerous ways, and he falls infinitely short of the only Hero to ever walk the earth.

So as many of us cheer on Batman this summer at the local box office, let that hero point us to the True Savior of the Eternal City, Jesus Christ.

  1. joshua says:

    wow, drawing parrallel’s between batman and christ… yeah… ok. I guess Christ got violent once turning over a table. Batman is a true badass, Christ… well… the most violence he’s gone through wasn’t to his fortune (unless you count it as saving others… which in case this new movie… maybe it will be glorious!)

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