Posted: April 16, 2012 by jperritt in Snapshots
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snap·shot – a brief appraisal, summary, or profile.

Every Monday we hope to provide our readers with snapshots of films being released for the upcoming weekend. This will be a brief summary of films that will assist our readers in the area of discernment. Instead of searching other sites and reading lengthy articles, it’s our hope to provide a concise list of all the films of the weekend in one consolidated post. If you wonder why we don’t list the MPAA ratings, please click here.

The Lucky One – An Iraqi war vet travels to find the girl he believes is his savior. Genre – drama, chic-flick; content – violence and sexuality.

Think Like a Man – Instead of practicing communication skills with their spouses, four men seek revenge when they find out their wives have been using relationship advice against them. Genre – comedy; content – sexual content, rude humor, and drug use.

Chimpanzee – A chimpanzee is separated from his family, but then adopted by a man. Genre – documentary; content – a banana is gruesomely eaten, a monkey is seen fully nude, sad music plays, but then happy music plays too.


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