Wednesday’s Weekend Poll

Posted: March 7, 2012 by jperritt in Wednesday's Weekend Poll

So on Friday we will have a guest blogger (Blaine Grimes), write  a post on No Country for Old Men.  We will discuss a little bit about the film tomorrow and then have Blaine’s post up on Friday, so be sure and swing by tomorrow and Friday.  Today we have a bit of trivia for you, but before we get to the trivia let’s get something out of the way.  We know that we live in the age of the Interweb and everyone of you could simply google this question and find it, but why do that?  If you want to be ‘that guy/girl’ go ahead and do that, but where’s the fun in it.  That being said, here’s this week’s question.

One of the taglines to No Country for Old Men is, There are no clean getaways.  There is also another recent film that shares the same tagline.  So our question to you is, which of the below has that same tagline.

One last IMPORTANT line of business.  We are excited to say that our stats have increased significantly over the past few weeks.  First, we thank you for that, sincerely.  It means a lot to have people stop by and check out the work.  However, many people swing by on Wednesday, but hardly ANY vote.  This baffles us.  No one sees your answers (including us), no one knows who votes for what, and it only takes a couple clicks of a mouse – what’s the deal?  We aren’t angered by this, just puzzled.  Therefore, take a couple of seconds and vote.  If you want, leave some comments on what could be the problem.  We like polls and thought our readers would too.  Thanks for your time!


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