Brad Davis to guest post

Posted: February 23, 2012 by jperritt in Uncategorized

As most of you know, we have been privileged to host many distinguished guest bloggers at Reel Thinking. We have had published authors & screenwriters and even a professional actor. So, who is Brad Davis? Well, he’s a lot like you. That is, he is simply a reader of this site.

Now, Brad is a uniquely gifted individual who is created in God’s image, but he isn’t like some of the other guest bloggers we’ve had. He is a friend of mine who attends the same church that I do (Pear Orchard Pres.) and approached me about doing a post on the movie Rudy. As he explained the direction he wanted to take, I asked if he would be willing to write something for the RT community. He humbly accepted and his post will run tomorrow.

Brad’s post was very encouraging to me for a number of reasons. First, it is very well written. Second, he has some excellent biblical parallels that should resonate with you. However, what was most encouraging was that he was thinking biblically about movies. We at RT are not taking credit for this thinking, but this is the exact thinking we hope to foster through the site.

All of that being said, we would love to have some of our regular readers (YOU!) submit guest posts to encourage this type of thinking. Therefore, if you have a movie you love, go ahead and jot down some thoughts and see if your post finds its way on Reel Thinking. However, since we haven’t sent an open invite to our dozens and dozens of readers (only slight sarcasm), we have no idea if we will get 1 submission or 1,000. Please be sure and check out our guidelines below, see if you can live with them, and send your post in.

All submissions must…

  • Adhere to our statement of faith.
  • Realize that it may take us months to reply (we have day-jobs & families).
  • Realize that we may not be able to read your post.
  • Understand that writing may not be your gift.
  • Make your post 500-1000 words.
  • Discuss the film AND theology.
  • Submit your post to:
  • Tell us your favorite movie.

Please know that we may make some minor edits to your post, but we will receive consent from you beforehand.

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