Wednesday’s Weekend Poll

Posted: February 1, 2012 by jperritt in Wednesday's Weekend Poll
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We’ve had a few weekends like the one we’re preparing for.  That is, those weekends that seem to be fairly weak at the box office.  Although some of the weekend releases seem to be somewhat intriguing, our guess is that none of these films will be timeless.  Therefore, we are jumping ahead a few weeks to the movie, This Means War.  Even though TMW might not be a timeless film, there are some interesting themes to hit on.  Plus, this movie does look pretty entertaining.  The story is fun, action looks fun, & the cast is well put-together.  However, what do you think?  Do you think This Means War looks entertaining?

  1. jperritt says:

    *Note: This comment was posted in the comment section of the poll and I reposted it here.

    Cindy – 3 hours ago

    I think the fact that it looks “entertaining” and from the trailer alone appears to have a lot of steamy and casual sex(is that an oxymoron since sex is suppose to be one flesh between two married people commited to each other in a binding relationship) scenes and dogma in it is what would bother me about this film.

  2. jperritt says:

    Excellent comment Cindy; check out what we have to say about the movie tomorrow and it may help clarify a bit. Thanks for sharing your biblical thoughts!

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