Seven Pounds for Seven Deserving Lives

Posted: January 10, 2012 by Emilio Garofalo Neto in Uncategorized

By Thiago Martinello*

Seven Pounds in my opinion is one of the most emotional movies I have ever seen and one of Will Smith’s finest performances. This discussion will involve heavy spoilers, and I heartily suggest you watch the movie. So, you are warned!

The movie is a shocking drama that tells the story of a man, who, because of his negligence, is involved in a traffic accident. Living in guilt, He tries to make up for his mistakes by serving other people

Here is the trailer

The story unfolds as Ben Thomas (Will Smith) seeks to find seven people with serious life-impairing problems and help them. In this beautiful movie, Ben Thomas is willing to sacrifice his own life on behalf of others, in this we see a reflection of the Gospel of Jesus Christ…wait, is it really? In this article I want you to see the beauty of the true Gospel, much more daring and beautiful that the movie Seven Pounds, where Jesus Christ is much more effective then Ben Thomas. Let’s get there.

In the movie, we follow Ben Thomas search for seven people to whom he would donate parts of himself (corneas, liver, lung…) and in the end, deliver his own heart to a compatible receptor. During the movie we do not know exactly what is going on and it is emotional to slowly realize. The title comes from the play The Merchant of Venice, in which certain debts are to be paid with a pound of flesh. Ben Thomas took seven lives, and that will cost him seven pounds. That is the message of the movie: Ben Thomas gives away his life to keep others alive. The story unfolds in displaying how Ben relates to several people and tries to select who will receive his gifts. He looks for people who deserve, which is his only requirement! In one occasion, he is about to transform the life of a man, but finds out that such man is not a kind person, on the opposite, it is someone who mistreats and elderly woman. How awful! In such moment, our prideful hearts are filled with indignation, just like Thomas, and we think that the plan almost failed with someone undeserving almost received the blessings. But that is precisely where we see the difference. That is precisely where the Gospel is much more gracious.

Jesus, God himself, came to the world to give his life for people exactly like that man, the ones who least deserved: you and me. The true Gospel shows that God did not test people to see if they really deserved it, to see if they were patient, slow to anger and lovely, as Ben Thomas did with a blind man called Ezra. No, Jesus came and saved people who were mean, arrogant, easily angered. When we look at ourselves, we see that Jesus came and saved the least deserving, there is nothing we can do to deserve, in fact, we do everything not to deserve (Is 64:6)!

This is GRACE. The grace of God reached depraved and sinful people and, through the death of the Son of God, gave them life, and life in fullness (John 10:10)! Of course, after being saved we are transformed by the Holy Spirit to look more like Christ, but that is a consequence of salvation, not a condition!

The attitude of giving your life for another can be a very touching and emotional thing. Thomas did manage to extend the life of some people, for some time. Even with the riches, the new heart or lung those people would live for a while and then die. Jesus is much more efficacious, because he conceded to those who trust him the eternal life. Those will never die. Besides that, God never did the work of redemption out of guilt or depression, but out of Love (John 3:16). He loved the undeserving ones, and guaranteed for them the eternal life by his die. This is much more beautiful, moving and gracious then any movie ever made!

* Thiago is a student at the Presbyterian Theological seminary of Brasília, Brazil. He loves movies, he loves Christ, he loves seeing the connections between those things.

  1. ldutra says:

    Tiago, your use of capitalised He sounds like referring to Deity.

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