Megamind: Do good and evil need each other?

Posted: January 6, 2012 by John C. Kwasny, Ph.D. in Comedy, Drama, Family
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One of the central themes in Megamind is the relationship between early child-rearing and our future destinies (see my other post for that discussion). But there is another theme that jumps out at you when you watch this animated movie–the question of the relationship between good and evil. Specifically: Does evil need good, and does good need evil in order to have proper balance in the universe? (If you are paying attention, it sounds a bit Star Wars-ian.)

The way this question manifests itself in this very amusing family movie is when (spoiler alert!) Megamind (the villian) shockingly kills off Metro Man (the superhero). At first, Megamind and his loyal Minion celebrate this amazing victory by having a blast ruling and exploiting Metro City. All the years of trying to defeat Metro Man have finally come to an end! Now, there is nothing to stop Megamind’s evil reign of terror on the poor citizens of Metro City.

But, a strange twist occurs! Megamind quickly learns that life actually gets boring when you have no rival, no competition, no antithesis. Sure, he can now “get the girl” (deceitfully of course), but that’s not even enough. Megamind needs a new good guy to fight in order to feel alive. He needs a challenge. He needs another mountain to climb. To put it in his own words: “What’s the point of being bad when there is no good to stop you?” You evil genuises out there can sympathize, can’t you?

As Christians, what are we to think about this? First, let’s start with what’s true. Evil is definitely ever-present in this world. It seeks to twist and destroy all of God’s good creation. To use Biblical language, the Kingdom of Darkness exists to defeat the Kingdom of Light. Therefore, in our world, good and evil do live alongside one another.

And, it’s also true that there is no competition without a competitor. There is no victor without there also being a loser. If life is a game (as it was for Megamind), then life is over when the game is over. So, Megamind truly needed a rival in order to allow his evil self to fully thrive.

But, if we stop there, we have just taken a large swig of cosmic dualistic philosophy (which has various iterations found in many religions, especially in ones that originated in the Far East). Cosmic dualism teaches that good and evil will ALWAYS exist, and in various ways “balance” each other. They are two EQUALLY powerful forces. In other words, according to this pagan philosophy, we need good AND evil in order to have real life. Good needs evil and evil needs good!

The truth of Christianity is that good and evil are NOT equal rivals. They don’t need each other. God alone is all-powerful; Satan is not. Satan, though powerful, is just deluded, and will ultimately be defeated. God did not create this world with both good and evil. His creation was perfectly good. Evil is an outsider, an alien force that DOESN’T belong. One day, when our true hero, Jesus Christ, comes again, evil will be eradicated once and for all. And life will be glorious without evil–NOT boring!

So, until evil is fully defeated, the battle goes on. But, unlike in Megamind, this is no game. There is no “friendly rivalry” between the forces of good and evil. Satan hates God with all his despicable might. God’s wrath is always dispensed on evil and all His enemies. And, the only hope we have in this cosmic battle is the Cross. Christ has already won the victory for His people! He is our perfectly pure hero with no equal!

  1. Wendy says:

    Who knew there was so much theology packed in a Will Farrell movie? I think I know what we are doing this weekend.

    Thanks for the interesting discussion, John! I really enjoy your blog.

  2. Henderson says:

    I realized that man “Titan” is like a natural man with a sinful nature, like a pharisee. In the beginning, that man looks like a good person, but when receive powers, reveals his nature, pride and greed.
    I see the megamind like a “regenerated man” rsrs, because he confessed that he was a bad man and went to the jail by himself.
    finally, there is other scene that a woman said to “titan”: “I know that you is a good person…bla bla” and he said: “you live in a fantasy”, that dialog remembers Romains 3:10 As it is written, There is none righteous, no, not one.

    What are you think about everything I’ve just said?
    God Bless …

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