The MPAA: Catering to Our Inner Pharisee [Part 3]

Posted: August 15, 2011 by jperritt in Uncategorized
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Last week I had two posts explaining how the MPAA rating system can lead to laziness and an oversimplification of our sin. Today we will look at a third reason why discerning viewers should stop looking to the MPAA.  And tomorrow we will conclude this blog series.

A third caution is that we might miss the good of our sin.  You didn’t misread that…the good of our sin.  Let me explain by using the MPAA’s rating system (go ahead and call me a hypocrite).  If one were to apply a rating to the entire Bible, it would no doubt be rated ‘R’, possibly worse (Judges 19 for example). It is filled with violence and sex that would make some Hollywood actors blush.  However, we know that God uses these terrible events in Scripture to teach us.  Simply put, God uses evil to help us better understand good.  He uses evil to better illustrate His holiness and man’s depravity.

A film I recently watched was The Fighter Those Christians who base their viewing solely on  the rating system would most likely abstain from this movie.  It is rated R for violence, bad language, and drug use.  Although I agree that the content is very rough and difficult to watch, at times, it illustrates the devastating effects drugs have on an individual’s life.  Dicky Eklund was an amazing fighter, whose life was ruined because of drug use.  Just like Scripture, movies can illustrate the awful effects our sin has in our lives.

If we abstain from movies that depict sin, we may be doing ourselves a disservice.  We miss lessons that better illustrate the depravity and consequences of our sin.  We miss the opportunity to cultivate a better understanding of a holy God and what He rescued us from.  We may also miss times of reflection that cause us to think about an eternity without sin.

The ultimate good of our sin is that it should make us long for the return of our King, Jesus Christ.  Every day of our lives we are trying to recreate heaven.  We look for heaven in our entertainment or pleasure.  But our sin is a good reminder that we are not there yet.  Although we get glimpses of His Kingdom in this earthly kingdom, even through modern film, Christians long for the day when Christ comes to consummate His eternal Kingdom.

So let the depictions of sin in modern film not only be used to educate us on evil and holiness, but let them also move you to pray for the return of the King.

[Part 4]


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