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snap·shot – a brief appraisal, summary, or profile.

Every Sunday we hope to provide our readers with snapshots of films being released for the upcoming weekend.  This will be a brief summary of films that will assist our readers in the area of discernment.  Instead of searching other sites and reading lengthy articles, it’s our hope to provide a concise list of all the films of the weekend in one consolidated post.

  • Conan the Barbarian – In a remake of the 1982 film, Conan fights against warriors and monsters to defend his people from evil.  Genre – action, fantasy; content – strong violence, nudity, and sexuality
  • Fright Night – In a remake of the 1985 film, a teenager suspects that his next door neighbor is not only a vampire, but also the one responsible for a series of deaths.  Genre – action, horror; content – bloody violence, and sexuality
  • Spy Kids: All the Time in the World – In the 4th installment of this franchise, a spy recruits her stepchildren (stop smiling) to stop a super-villain from taking over the planet (ok, feel free to laugh). Genre – action, kids, sci-fi; content – mild action, rude humor
  • One Day – On the night of their college graduation, Dexter and Em spend the night together and the film follows their relationship on that July 15th date, over the span of twenty years. Genre – romance, drama, comedy; content – sexuality, partial nudity, substance abuse, minor violence

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